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    Degaussers and Demagnetizers - (48 companies)
    ...and demagnetizers may list their products as hard drive degaussers or hard drive erasers, video tape erasers and audio tape erasers, CCTV erasers, and security degaussers. Types of Degaussers and Demagnetizers. In terms of technology, there are three basic types...
  • Adhesive Tapes-Image
    Adhesive Tapes - (915 companies)
    Adhesive tapes are used to assemble materials or parts together using a sticky chemical bond. Adhesive tapes are made by coating a backing or carrier (paper, plastic film, cloth, foam or foil) with an adhesive on a web or roll coater. Adhesive tapes...
  • Masking Tapes-Image
    Masking Tapes - (257 companies)
    Masking tape is a pressure-sensitive, adhesive tape used to shield surfaces from a nearby finishing process, such as painting, soldering, blasting, or plating. Masking tapes are rated by their tensile strength and adhesion bond, and come...
  • Industrial Tapes-Image
    Industrial Tapes - (2013 companies)
    Industrial tapes are used for adhesive bonding, thread sealing, masking, packaging, wrapping, electrical insulation, ESD control and other specialized applications. Industrial tapes are used for adhesive bonding, thread sealing, masking, packaging...
  • Foil Tapes-Image
    Foil Tapes - (162 companies)
    Foil tapes utilize a metal-film carrier to enhance thermal/electrical conductivity, abrasion resistance, and EMI/RFI shielding, while retaining the physical properties typical of adhesive tape. Metal carriers also allow an aggressive adhesive...
    Double Sided and Transfer Tapes - (220 companies)
    ...of the electromagnetic wave or interference. Magnetic shielding is less common. Permanent. Once applied, products become permanently bonded to the substrate. Removeable. Removable tapes can be applied and then removed without damaging the substrate...
    Hard Drives - (381 companies)
    ...controls, etc. Standards. Hard drives must adhere to certain standards to have proper design and functionality. Example standards include ISO DIS 18943 (Care and handling of magnetic storage drives). Image credit: Wintec Industries | National Instruments...
    Cloth Tapes - (166 companies)
    Cloth tapes provide robustness with the incorporation of a fabric or fiber carrier, such as cotton, scrim, glass, fiberglass, or polyester. They are adaptable to a variety of substrates and conditions, as substantiated by the most common type...
    Tape Dispensers and Tape Dispensing Machines - (230 companies)
    Tape dispensers and tape dispensing machines hold and supply tape for assembly or packaging applications. Dispensing machines can be handheld devices or highly automated robotic systems. Tape dispensers and tape dispensing machines hold and supply...
    Specialty Tapes - (430 companies)
    Specialty tapes are manufactured to enhance particular abilities of the tape, making them excellent for applications where general-use tapes fall short of the application's constraints. Specialty tapes is an ambiguous term, encapsulating tape types...

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