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    Grounding Straps - (91 companies)
    Grounding straps are anti-static devices that are used to protect people and electronic equipment from electrostatic discharges (ESD) by routing the electric current to a safe ground. They are designed to protect personnel who come in contact...
    Aircraft - (90 companies)
    Aircraft are machines that achieve flight through various methods of thrust and lift. They include a wide range of vehicles such as airplanes, helicopters, gliders, airships, and balloons. Aircraft are machines that achieve flight through various...
  • Grounding Indicators-Image
    Grounding Indicators - (14 companies)
    Grounding indicators are used to monitor and verify the presence of grounding systems. The purpose of a grounding indicator is to continually verify that a connection to ground is maintained in areas where potentially flammable materials are stored...
    Grounding Grids - (9 companies)
    Grounding grids and mats consist of conductive mesh or sheets that act as a multi-potential ground. They are used near pipelines, substations, transformers, large motors, or high voltage power lines to reduce mains hum, provide AC mitigation...
  • Grounding Bars and Rods-Image
    Grounding Bars and Rods - (84 companies)
    Grounding bars and grounding rods are electrical connections that divert undesirable current in order to protect humans and equipment. Typically, they are made of cold-drawn or galvanized steel and plated with copper. Grounding bars and rods provide...
    Tie Down Straps - (151 companies)
    Tie down straps are devices that are used to secure items during shipment or movement. Products include ratcheted tie downs, straps and elastic bungees. Tie down straps are used to secure items during shipment or movement. There are many different...
    Aerospace Bearings - (87 companies)
    Aerospace bearings are designed to meet the rigorous demands of aircraft control and aerospace applications. Aerospace bearings are designed to meet the rigorous demands of aircraft control and aerospace applications. They are usually manufactured...
    Lightning Protection Systems - (138 companies)
    ...with active soil moisture replenishment. An electrical grounding rod can be driven into the earth to ground an electrical system, thereby providing lightning and surge protection. Lengthening the electrical ground rod or using multiple electrical...
    Ground Enhancement Materials (GEM) - (14 companies)
    Ground enhancement materials (GEM) are conductive backfill materials used to increase the conductivity of the soil around grounding rods, bars or plates. Ground Enhancement Materials (GEM) are used in areas with poor ground conductivity to reduce...
    Static Control Products - (401 companies)
    ...companies use personal grounding devices such as wrist straps or cods, gloves, and anti-static straps for grounding shoes. Other use static electricity control equipment or complete static control systems. Examples of static control products include static...

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  • Tailoring MIL-STD-461B for Naval Avionics Applications
    deteriorates due to a broken ground strap or corrosion or in Figure 1 were arbitrarily chosen to illustrate proper tailor- simply during exposure to the EME found on Navy aircraft . ing.
  • The need for monitoring metabolic status
    Like ground combat personnel, helicopter crews may be forced to exist in crude uncomfortable environments for days … Today’s Air Force and Navy fighter pilots face different challenges in maintaining physical and cognitive performance. With the wide use of air-to-air refueling, pilots have been known to remain on missions for 18 hours in single-manned aircraft while strapped to an ejection seat wearing restrictive protective gear.
    … respect to all contracts directly related to the development and procurement of a strap -on guidance kit … "(3) Joint primary aircraft training system (jpats). - The Joint Primary Aircraft Training System (JPATS) with respect to all contracts directly related to the acquisition of a new primary trainer aircraft to fulfill Air Force and Navy joint undergraduate aviation training requirements, and an associated ground -based training system consisting …
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  • Vista Sabre II: integration of helmet-mounted tracker/display and high off-boresight missile seeker into F-15 aircraft
    The cabling from the DDU to the helmet is secured to the left strap of the pilot's … … hip to the airframe which allows rapid and safe disconnection of cabling during ejection and ground egress. The Navy -developed HUBS missile will be flown, captive-carry, on the HMT/D F-15 aircraft .
  • Precision Stabilization Requirements for Long-Range Acquisition Systems
    Meanwhile, pulsed laser transmitters were being developed for practical ground designation purposes. The strap -on bomb modification kits along with an airborne rear seat adaptation of a Martin portable … The Air Force and Navy initiated a PAVE KNIFE Program in 1968 which resulted in the development of a 1,000 -lb pod configured system for designation of area targets from high performance aircraft .