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    Neutral Density Filters - (71 companies)
    Neutral density filters are designed to reduce transmission evenly across a portion of the spectrum. They are slightly sensitive to angles but they are much more forgiving than interference filters. Neutral density filters are light filters...
    Neutral Density Filter Type
    Filter Shape
    Diameter, Square Side, or Rectangular Length
  • Density and Specific Gravity Instruments-Image
    Density and Specific Gravity Instruments - (202 companies)
    Density and specific gravity instruments are meters used to determine density and specific gravity. Density and specific gravity instruments are meters used to determine the density and specific gravity of a mixture that may be solid, gas, or liquid...
  • Camera Filters-Image
    Camera Filters - (36 companies)
    Camera filters provide a range of optical filtering effects in scientific, research, and industrial applications. How to Select Camera Filters. Linear Polarizer Filters | Color Correction Filters | Neutral Density. Image Credit: Edmund Optics | Sony...
  • Filter Wheels-Image
    Filter Wheels - (26 companies) communicate directly with the computer. Communication is done via protocols such as RS232 or general-purpose interface bus (GPIB), run set modes, or functions within set parameters. Neutral density (ND) filters are available with some styles of filter...
    Optical Filters - (285 companies)
    ...shortpass filters block longer wavelengths and pass shorter ones. Both are frequently used in fluorescence microscopy. Long- and shortpass filters with very sharp transmission slopes are sometimes called edge filters. Neutral Density Filters. Neutral...
    Circular Variable Filters - (6 companies)
    ...the radiation source. Types of filters include: Circular Variable Filters (CVF). Circular Variable Neutral Density filters (CVND). Circular Variable Neutral Transmission filters (CVNT). Linear Variable Neutral Density filters (LVND). Linear Variable Neutral...
    Cell Density Meters - (6 companies)
    Cell density meters are spectrophotometers used to measure the density of biological cells in suspension. A cell density meter is an easy-to-use instrument for measuring the density of cells in suspension by measuring absorbance (OD) at particular...
    Color Filters - (82 companies)
    ...are considered to be color filters based simply upon their Schott-glass material design. In general, however, this product area includes many different color filter types, including neutral density, short pass, long pass, band pass, ultraviolet (UV...
    EMI Filters and RFI Filters - (345 companies)
    Electromagnetic (EMI) filters and radio frequency interference (RFI) filters purify signals of unwanted noise by attenuating the high-frequency RFI (typically 150kHz and up) and passing the low frequency EMI. Electromagnetic interference (EMI...
    UV Filters - (37 companies)
    ...filters are available in a variety of absorption levels; they are measured by their transmission percentage at 400 nanometers (nm), the visible-UV wavelength boundary. In addition to UV protection filters, other types include UV neutral density...

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