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    Booster Pumps - (279 companies)
    Booster pumps are devices used to increase the pressure of existing fluid flow systems. They are designed to help pumping systems achieve higher flow rates and overcome high system head. Typically, booster pumps are used in water...
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    Water Pumps - (859 companies)
    Water pumps move water that does not contain suspended solids or particulates. Applications include water supply, irrigation, land and mine drainage, sea water desalination, and condensate transport. Water pumps move water that does not contain...
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    Vacuum Pumps and Vacuum Generators - (829 companies)
    ...handled also has an effect on the pump's performance, since most pumps will pump different gases at different speeds. For example, a cryopump will have a much higher water vapor pumping speed than a turbomolecular pump, even though both pumps might have...
  • Thermal Switches and Thermal Protectors-Image
    Thermal Switches and Thermal Protectors - (603 companies) circuitry in power supplies, electric motors, transformers, lighting fixtures, ballasts, and battery packs. Temperature control applications include operation of heat pumps, electronic cooling fans, low voltage relays that actuate a motor starter...
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    Water Heaters - (409 companies)
    Water heaters are used to transform thermal energy from a fuel source to a stream or reservoir of water. They can be described by their fuel source or may be one of several specific types of heaters. They can be configured to operate in-line...
    Air Compressors - (1107 companies)
    Air compressors are machines that compress air to higher than atmospheric pressures for delivery to pneumatic or robotic tools, industrial equipment, or direct-use applications.
    Laboratory Refrigerators - (118 companies)
    Laboratory refrigerators are used to cool samples or specimens for preservation. They include refrigeration units for storing blood plasma and other blood products, as well as vaccines and other medical or pharmaceutical supplies. They differ from...
    Gaskets and Gasketing - (1297 companies)
    ...dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Sanitary gaskets are available in many different configurations, such as clamp, bevel seat, flanged, PTFE envelope, schedule 5, proprietary sanitary fittings (Cherry-Burrell I and Q line, John Perry...
    Fans and Blowers (industrial) - (1468 companies)
    ...they are to be placed or mounted. These include duct fans and blowers, roof and ceiling ventilators, wall and panel mount fans, pressure and volume blowers, freestanding fans, and plenum fans. Duct fans and blowers are designed for in-line duct mounting via...
    Pneumatic Relays and Volume Boosters - (59 companies)
    Pneumatic relays and volume boosters control output air flow and pressure in response to a pneumatic input signal. They can perform simple functions such as boosting or scaling the output, or use complex reversal, biasing, and math function...

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    In addition to its Aqua-Pure prod- uct line , CUNO filters could be found in the refrigerators and instant hot water systems of its original equipment manu- facturer (OEM) customers exhibiting at IBS. The unique system uses a booster pump and high-pressure membrane to deliver up to 25 gallons per day.
  • Mirror Advanced Reactor Study (MARS). Final report. Volume 1-B. Commercial fusion electric plant
    Cryogenic cooling including liquid He-1 and -2 refrigerators, liquid N refrigerator and piping Auxiliary cooling water pumps [reactor cooling water (4)], reactor auxiliary cooling cower pumps, booster pumps, and motor drives; Piping—main header (cold), gate valves, runouts, field welds, and bolt-ups. … basin con­ crete, 48-in. pipe runs and trenches, intake structure, 24-in. lines , globe and gate …
  • Construction of the facility for the testing of the TFTR Neutral Beam Injector
    One is a Stokes Model 1?22 two-stage unit: A rotary oil-sealed 300-cfm, Model 412 vacuum pump backing a 1300-cfm rotary lobe dry high vacuum booster . The roughing line has t. trap of refrigerated copper wool used to prevent oil migration from the … … cryopanels to ?7°K, and about twelve more hours to cool to 4.2°K, ifter starting the refrigerator . … r< quired to reach this base pressure varies, depending ipon the amount of water vapor in the …
  • 1979-1980 Conference Index
    … IECEC 79 2065-2069 Feldmann, Jurgen; Results of test with fiber optic telephone lines ; ICC 80 Vol … … J. M., NTC 80 Vol 4 Paper 76.6 Field, Richard L.; Photovoltaic/thermoelectric refrigerator for medicine storage … … radars in the future TACS (Abstr.); EASCON 80 196 Finkelstein, T." Analysis of a heat-activated Stirling heat pump ; IECEC 80 Vol 3 … … of experience with well- water -source heat pumps at … … R.; The Solid Rocket Booster dewatering set; OCEANS 79 …
  • Electrical auxiliaries on board ship
    Refrigerators There are two refrigerators situated in the auxiliary engine-room, and each of the twin-cylinder double-acting … … whose speed can be varied from 100 to 150 r.p.m. • The pump for circulating fresh water through the CO2 condensers … booster in the main supply line , which gives a voltage variation on the warping motor from zero to twice the line voltage.
    The booster heats the water as it comes into the dishwasher, much 3 The most efficient compressor is one that is correctly sized for the refrigerator and runs all … 5.3.5 Heat Pumps Heat pump technology works along the same lines as a refrigerator.
  • Living on PV power in comfort and style
    Refrigerators represent one of the biggest energy consumers in the average house because they are on line 24 hours a day. Manually defrosting the refrigerator twice a year by place a pan of boiling water in the turned … PV-POWEREDWELL PUMP There is no need for a booster pressurizing pump.
  • An Advanced Dilution Refrigerator Designed for the New Lancaster Microkelvin Facility
    An Advanced Dilution Refrigerator Designed for the New Lancaster Microkelvin Facility 549 This is straightforward for central heating water pipes and vacuum lines . While we have broadly followed the configuration of our earlier machines in planning the vibration isolation, for circulating the mixture we chose to use mechanical booster (Roots) pumps .
  • Matter and Methods at Low Temperatures
    or Booster pumps . The system must also contain safety features for the event of cooling water failure or blockages in the refrigerator . … – to position the free surface in the still and the phase separation line in the mixing …
  • noun.artifact (
    … ice) } { icetray, tray,@ (a tray for making cubes of ice in a refrigerator ) } { ice_wagon, ice-wagon … … immersed in the liquid that is to be heated (as in a hot- water tank)) } { immovable_bandage, bandage … … spacecraft; uses inertial forces) } { [ inflater, verb.change:inflate,+ ] [ inflator, verb.change:inflate,+ ] air_ pump ,@ (an air … … legs curve outward) } { inside_clinch, clinch1,@ (a clinch with the end of the line inside the loop … … electrical connections) } { jumper3, coverall2,@ (a coverall worn by children) } { jumper_cable, jumper_lead, lead1, booster _cable, jumper2,@ …

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