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  • Linear Encoders-Image
    Linear Encoders - (267 companies)
    Encoders. There are two types of linear encoders and five types of encoder technologies. An absolute linear encoder provides a unique output signal for each mechanical position. They retain their position after power-down without requiring a home cycle...
    Measurement Range
  • Linear Position Sensors-Image
    Linear Position Sensors - (736 companies)
    ...of photoelectric sensors. Ultrasonic sensors function by using the projection and detection of sound. The distance between the sensor and the target is calculated from an acoustic signal's return time and the propagation velocity of the measurement...
  • Encoder and Resolver Signal Conditioners-Image
    Encoder and Resolver Signal Conditioners - (92 companies)
    Encoder and resolver signal conditioners accept encoder and resolver measurements and convert or condition these signals into digital data or suitable levels. Encoder and resolver signal conditioners accept encoder and resolver measurements...
  • Logic Encoders-Image
    Logic Encoders - (65 companies)
    ...on the disc into electronic signals, which are then amplified and converted. Common outputs for logic encoders include binary code, binary coded decimal (BCD), decimal-to-BCD, and octal-to-binary. Input and output lines are available in increments of two...
  • Optical Encoder Disks and Strips-Image
    Optical Encoder Disks and Strips - (21 companies)
    ...into electrical signals. They are used for a wide array of high-accuracy motion control, positioning, and measurement applications. The manufacture of encoder disks and strips involves cutting slots in the material, or printing alternating dark and light...
    Incremental Rotary Encoders - (378 companies)
    ...cycles (signals) corresponds to the resolvable mechanical increments of motion. In-depth information about an incremental encoder's operation, types, and specifications can be found on the Rotary Encoder Guide. Image credit: Baumer Ltd.
    Signal Conditioners - (902 companies)
    Signal conditioners provide amplification, filtering, converting, and other processes required to make sensor output suitable for reading by computer boards. Signal conditioning is a set of operations performed on a signal that makes it suitable...
    Signal Converters - (620 companies)
    Signal converters contain inputs for one type of signal and outputs of another. Features can also include filtering and amplification or attenuation. A signal is an electric current or electromagnetic field used to convey data from one place...
    Absolute Rotary Encoders - (292 companies)
    Absolute rotary encoders use optical, mechanical, or magnetic indexing for angular measurement. They do not lose their position after power-down, but instead provide absolute position upon power-up without requiring a home cycle or any shaft...
    ID Card Readers and Encoders - (140 companies)
    ID card readers and ID card encoders are used to transmit personal information onto various forms of storage media and retrieve this data as needed. ID card readers and ID card encoders are used to transmit personal information onto various forms...

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  • Development of picture quality monitoring system for IPTV service based on the reduced reference framework
    … it is a good reference when comparing with STB-1/2 in which output signal picture quality degradation … Duplicator is a tool which makes copied versions of Feature Extractor’s output (image features). Broadcasting HeadEnd Encoder + Multicast Server .
  • Flow Characteristics Past Jellyfish and St. Vincent Valves in the Aortic Position Under Physiological Pulsatile Flow Conditions
    At the onset of each cycle, the generated signal was sent from the synchronized out- put of the programmed waveform generator to the encoder input of the signal processor through this adapter. The schematic diagram shows the pulse duplicator used in this study (not to scale) (A): Ventricular, aortic …
  • Providing Network Security with Optical Signal Processing
    Figure 6: Optical CDMA add/drop module design includes integrated fiber Bragg grating encoder /decoder/restorer. The eavesdropper’s difficulty in guessing the transmitting signal increases as the code cardinality increases. The XOR output is passed to a pulse duplicator , such that the duty cycle of the XOR …
  • Multichannel Digital Optical Disk Memory System
    Accurate position information is obtained by the controller using a linear encoder attached to the … readout and servo electronics are mounted on the station for operational convenience and signal bandwidth and noise … To explore this type of duplicator application a design goal of 10 and 80 Mbits/sec was selected …
  • A large-scale multicast output buffered ATM switch
    The copy network in [7] employs a running adder, dummy address encoders , and a concentrator to eliminate … … integration density for VLSI implementation, ( 3 ) relaxed synchronization for data and cloc,k signals , and (4) building … … an output, buffer, generate multiple c.opies for multicast, cells with a cell duplicator ((;I)), assign a …
  • Professional video technique
    … News Room automation 777 News room systems 678, 775 Next Effects 639 non copiers 687 Non-Linear … 84 PB PCM audio 535 PCMCIA 621 PCM- signal 127 PCR 212 PDP 467 peak Program meter … … 528 playback operation 512 Windows of mediums 756, 757 Windows NT 678 angular encoders 798 angular accuracy …
  • Blind channel identification for multicarrier CDMA systems with transmit diversity
    Duplicator Encoder After spreading, the IFFT of the spread signal is computed (to perform OFDM modula- tion) along with …