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    CNC Routers - (221 companies)
    ...such as making dove-tail joints in furniture pieces. A CNC, or computer numerically controlled, router is a sophisticated computer-controlled machine tool version of a hand router. A CNC router routs out wood, plastic stock and other soft materials...
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    Machining Centers - (550 companies)
    ...that are used to automatically repeat operations on a workpiece. Common operations include drilling, reaming, tapping, milling, and boring. Most machining centers are numerically controlled. A CNC machining center uses computerized numeric control (CNC...
  • CNC Controllers-Image
    CNC Controllers - (147 companies)
    ...of control. CNC controllers are used to retrofit many types of machine shop equipment. Examples include horizontal mills, vertical mills, lathes and turning centers, grinders, electro discharge machining (EDM) equipment, torch tables, automatic...
  • CNC Machining Services-Image
    CNC Machining Services - (5280 companies)
    CNC machining services use fast, repeatable, and programmable machines which can function while unattended in order to manufacture parts quickly and efficiently. Computer numeric controlled (CNC) machining services use fast, repeatable...
  • Live Centers-Image
    Live Centers - (58 companies)
    Live centers are used to hold or support a workpiece in a lathe or other machine tool, often between the headstock and tailstock. Live centers revolve with the workpiece. Live centers are used to hold or support a workpiece in a lathe or other...
    Dead Centers - (40 companies)
    Dead centers are used to hold or support a workpiece in a lathe or other machine tool. They do not revolve with the workpiece. Dead centers are used to hold or support a workpiece in a lathe or other machine tools - often between the headstock...
    Lathes and Turning Centers - (704 companies)
    ...lathe, metal lathe, CNC lathe, CNC turning center, CNC machining center, and multi-axis machine tool. A wood lathe is a power machine used to hold and turn wood that is being shaped or cut. A metal lathe is a power machine used to hold and turn...
    CNC Tool Changers - (34 companies)
    CNC tool changers allow a machine to perform more than one function without requiring an operator to change the tooling. A CNC tool changer can quickly change the end effectors without the requirement of multiple robots. Tool changers can be manual...
    Computer Numerical Control Software (CNC) - (71 companies)
    Computer numerical control software (CNC) is used to create tool paths for CNC machine control systems, or to turn a personal computer (PC) into a CNC controller. Computer numerical control (CNC) software is used to create tool paths for CNC machine...
    Tailstocks and Bench Centers - (23 companies)
    Tailstocks are used on lathes and other machine tools to support one end of the workpiece through contact with a live or dead center. Bench centers are table top mounted units that support a workpiece between two tailstocks during inspection...

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  • Yci Continues To Expand With The Addition Of Arthur Machinery As Exclusive Distributor For Florida
    SANTA FE SPRINGS, Calif. - (February 21 , 2001) - YCI Supermax, a leading manufacturer of CNC machine tools, continues to expand with the addition of Arthur Machinery, Inc. as its exclusive distributor for the state of Florida. .... Arthur Machinery will distribute YCI's line of machining solutions, which include vertical machining centers , horizontal machining centers … the machines; assistance with tooling selection; and informative classes taught from the company's Tech Center in Tampa…
  • BIM Design: Realising the Creative Potential of Building Information Modelling
    …219, 219 CATIA ® V5 model 55 CATIA® 51, 51, 124 Knowledgeware 51 centre -line geometry 107 … 213, 229, 233 cloud networks 218 communication technologies 218 computational fluid dynamics (CFD) 42, 204, 205 computer numerically controlled ( CNC ) fabrication 23, 41, 42 … 131, 143, 184, 218 machines 12, 37, 97, 128 … Davis Partnership Architects 18, 21 DeLanda, Manuel 89, 90 .... Geometrica 220 Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech ), Atlanta, Georgia: AEC Integration Laboratory 185 Gestaltists 94 Ghiberti…
  • Effect of Tool Material Properties and Cutting Conditions on Machinability of AISI D6 Steel During Hard Turning
    Ganeshan, H.; Kumar, G.M.: Optimization of machining tech- niques in CNC turning centre using genetic algorithm. Arab. .... SEI Tech . Rev. 59, 61 (2005) 21 .
  • Sell mini cylinder cnc router FC-2080AY
    21 . .... Fanch Machinery Co.,Ltd(Beijing Kemingweiye Technology Development Co., Ltd) is a high tech enterprise which owns .... We are mainly specialized in manufacturing high-tech CNC engraving machine , CNC processing centre , automobile moulds processing centre, CNC plasma cutting machine, etc. and has obtained ISO 9001:2000 and international EU CE certificates.
  • A new thermal error modeling method for CNC machine tools
    (1998) Compen- sation for the thermal error of a multi-axis machining center . .... J Mater Process Tech 75(1–3):45–53 19. .... (2011) Application of projection pursuit regres- sion to thermal error modeling of a CNC machine tool. .... Int J Adv Manuf Technol 42(1–2):168–179 21 .
  • Tracking control of a two-axis motion system via a filtering-type sliding-mode control with radial basis function network
    [19] LIM H., SEO J.W., CHOI C.H.: ‘Position control of XY table in CNC . .... machining center with nonrigid ballscrew’. .... Control Syst. Tech ., 2003, 11, (1), pp. 24–31. .... [ 21 ] BOLDEA I., NASAR S.A.: ‘Linear electric actuators and .
  • Automatic Design of Hierarchical Takagi–Sugeno Type Fuzzy Systems Using Evolutionary Algorithms
    Lee, “Hierarchical fuzzy control for C-axis of CNC tuning centers using genetic algorithms,” J. Intell. Robot. .... [ 21 ] R. P. Salustowicz and J. Schmidhuber, “Probabilistic incremental pro- gram evolution,” Evol. .... [22] ——, “Evolving structured programs with hierarchical instructions and skip nodes,” in Machine Learning: Proc. 15th … On learning how to learn learning strategies Fakultaet fuer Informatik, Technische Universitaet, Muenchen, Germany, 1995, Tech . Rep.
  • Engineering Materials and Application
    In our recent research [8], we employed a LDDM to measure the thermally induced positioning errors produced in our 3-axis CNC vertical machining centre . .... © (2013) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland doi:10.4028/ .... The geometric error of a three-axis machine tool consists of 21 error components, of which six…
  • Volumetric error modeling and sensitivity analysis for designing a five-axis ultra-precision machine tool
    (2003) Analysis of geometric errors associated with five-axis machining centre in improving the quality of cam profile. .... (2002) Accuracy test of five-axis CNC machine tool with 3D probe-ball. .... Int J Adv Manuf Tech 21 (4):243–248 7.
  • Displacements analysis of self-excited vibrations in turning
    …Bugaru M., Dragomirescu C., (2002) Vibratii nelinear cu aplicatii in ingineria mecanica, Academiei Ro- mane, Bucarest 21 . .... and vibration signals in turning with plane face geometry inserts, J. Mat. Proc. Tech ., 155- 156, 1 .... Ispas C., Predincea N., Zapciu M., Mohora C., Boboc D., (1998) Machine outils-Essais et R´eception, Tehnica .... Li X., (2001) Real-time prediction of workpiece errors for CNC for turning centre , Part 4.