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  • Optical Bandpass Filters-Image
    Optical Bandpass Filters - (109 companies)
    Optical bandpass filters are optical filters that pass one or more specified wavelength band(s) while blocking others. Bandpass filters are referred to by the wavelength range, also known as the pass band, which they are designed to transmit...
  • RF Filters and Microwave Filters-Image
    RF Filters and Microwave Filters - (410 companies)
    RF filters and microwave filters are devices that pass or reject signals by frequency. Basic types include bandpass filters, band reject filters, low pass filters, and high pass filters. RF filters and microwave filters are devices that pass...
  • Signal Filters-Image
    Signal Filters - (126 companies)
    Signal filters block or decrease (attenuate) unwanted frequencies or signal wave characteristics. There are several basic types of signal filters. Low pass filters block or attenuate signals at frequencies above a specified cutoff frequency...
    Board Mount RF Filters - (53 companies) determines the amount of insertion loss and phase shift for signals that pass through the filter. There are several basic types of RF filters: bandpass and band reject. Bandpass filters are active or passive circuits that pass signals from...
  • Fiber Optic Filters-Image
    Fiber Optic Filters - (47 companies) fine-tuned to select very narrow wavelength ranges. Fiber optic filters are used extensively in optical telecommunications networks and aerospace applications. Types. Tunable bandpass filters are fiber optic filters used for high-performance...
    RF Band Pass Filters - (144 companies)
    ...of RF band pass filters. Performance specifications for bandpass filters include specified frequency, bandwidth, ripple, insertion loss, and voltage standing wave ratio. Specified frequency is the center frequency. Bandwidth is the range of frequencies...
    Active Band Pass Filters - (22 companies) The critical frequencies are determined as follows: Adding the frequency responses of these stages together results in the frequency response of the band-pass filter, as shown below. The amplitude and phase are given by the following equations. A Bode...
    Active Filters - (45 companies) amplifier systems, if desired. Band-pass filters are found in TV and radio circuits. They attenuate or suppress signals with frequencies outside a band of frequencies. Band-reject, or notch filters attenuate or suppress signals with a range...
    EMI Filters and RFI Filters - (344 companies)
    Electromagnetic (EMI) filters and radio frequency interference (RFI) filters purify signals of unwanted noise by attenuating the high-frequency RFI (typically 150kHz and up) and passing the low frequency EMI. Electromagnetic interference (EMI...
    Spectral Filters - (23 companies)
    Spectral filters are used to selectively transmit light according to its wavelength. They are not to be mistaken with color filters, which can be differentiated by an associated schott glass number. Spectral filters are used to selectively transmit...

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