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    Rebar - (114 companies)
    ...of 60 ksi. Other grades include Grade 40 rebar and Grade 75 rebar. Common specifications are ASTM A 615 for carbon steel rebar, ASTM A 706 for seismic rebar, ASTM A 955 for stainless steel rebar, and ASTM A 996 for rail steel rebar and axle steel...
    Rebar Supports and Couplers - (41 companies)
    Rebar supports and spacers are used to secure the reinforcing steel or rebar in reinforced concrete structures. Prior to the final concrete pour, the rebar is assembled in-place with the rebar chairs, slab bolsters, or wagon wheels. How to Select...
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    Welding Alloys - (330 companies)
    ...needed to establish and maintain the technical relevance of codes and standards. Most ASME specifications are adopted from or very similar to ASTM specifications. ASTM Welding Electrode Specifications. The American Society for Testing and Materials...
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    Welding Accessories - (604 companies)
    Welding accessories includes products used in, or related to, processes such as MIG, TIG and resistance welding. Welding accessories include products used in conjunction with welding processes. Examples include torches, nozzles, regulators, safety...
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    Welding Gloves - (97 companies)
    Welding gloves are specialized, personal protection equipment worn on a welder's hands during material fabrication applications. They are resistant to high heat, metal splatter, abrasion, and electricity while providing dexterity to the fingers...
    Welding Jackets and Clothing - (86 companies)
    ...of protective clothing. ISO 11611 outlines specifications for two classes of welding applicable clothing. It draws from other documents like ISO 9150 which covers the resistance of materials to molten splatter. Finally, ASTM 6413 conveys manufacturing...
    Welding, Brazing, and Soldering Equipment - (1298 companies)
    Welders and welding machines include all manner of devices used for welding, brazing and soldering. Welding, brazing, and soldering equipment is used to join two materials --often metals --together. The equipment itself may consist of a complete...
    Welding Helmets and Goggles - (131 companies)
    Welding helmets and goggles provide personal and facial protection against intense light, weld spatter, and hot debris. They consist of a filtering light medium and a protective head and/or eye covering. Welding helmets are protective headgear...
    Welding and Fabrication Services - (3859 companies)
    Welding and fabrication services provide customized metal forming and processing, typically on a contract basis. Capabilities are usually not limited to welding and fabrication, and may include design consulting, on-site operations, prototyping...
    Welding Gases and Thermal Process Gases - (115 companies)
    Welding gases and thermal process gases are specialized gases for welding, cutting or other thermal processing applications. Welding gases and thermal process gases are especially formulated for welding, cutting or other high-temperature processing...

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