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  • Radio Receiver ICs-Image
    Radio Receiver ICs - (29 companies)
    Radio receiver ICs support worldwide radio band requirements, including frequency modulation (FM), FM radio data system (RDS), amplitude modulation (AM), long wave (LW), short wave (SW), and weather bands. These integrated circuits (ICs...
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    RF Receivers - (259 companies)
    RF receivers are electronic devices that enable a particular radio signal to be separated from all others being received and converted into a format for video, voice, or data. RF receivers are electronic devices that separate radio signals from one...
  • Pulser-Receivers-Image
    Pulser-Receivers - (27 companies)
    Pulser-receivers generate ultrasonic pulses, which are propagated into materials for NDT testing. Pulser-receivers (also referred to as pulser/receivers) generate ultrasonic pulses, which are propagated into materials for nondestructive testing (NDT...
    Air Receivers - (29 companies)
    Air receivers serve as buffers between a compressor and the consumption mechanism of a compressed air system. Air receivers serve as buffers between a compressor and the consumption mechanism of a compressed air system. They are essential...
  • Magnetic Receivers-Image
    Magnetic Receivers - (5 companies)
    Magnetic receivers use the electromagnetic principle to receive and analyze signals. The simplest of these devices is the telephone. Magnetic receivers use the electromagnetic principle to receive and analyze signals. Electromagnetic principle can...
    Telemetry Receivers and Telemetry Transmitters - (362 companies)
    Telemetry receivers and telemetry transmitters are data acquisition components used to gather information from remote locations via wireless communication. Telemetry receivers and telemetry transmitters can be produced as separate receiver...
    Fiber Optic Receivers - (114 companies)
    Fiber optic receivers are instruments that convert light into electrical signals. They contain a photodiode semiconductor, signal conditioning circuitry, and an amplifier. How to Select Fiber Optic Receivers. Image Credit: Avago Technologies...
    Network and Communication Chips - (396 companies)
    Network and communication chips are semiconductor integrated circuits (IC) used in telecommunication devices and systems. Network and communication chips use many different technologies. Choices include: current mode logic (CML). gunning transceiver...
    LAN Chips - (38 companies)
    PDAs, and MP3 players. LAN chips for wireless communications commonly use a Direct-Sequence Spread-Spectrum (DSSS) bit pattern (chipping code), which enables receivers to filter out signals, such as noise and interference, and also signals that don't...
    xDSL Chips - (13 companies)
    ...xDSL chips provide digital subscriber line (DSL) connectivity in a system-on-chip platform. The term xDSL refers collectively to all types of digital subscriber lines. An xDSL chip is a generic term for all forms of DSL service spanning transmission...

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    … an Optec focal reducer spaced for 0.25x * Pyxis rotator to adjust camera angle * C-mount 1 1/4" adapter and baffle * ASTROVID StellaCam-EX (Sony HAD/EX chip ) or Watec Ultimate 902H2 … … time encoder * ICOM R8500 receiver for WWV time signal (if GPS …
  • The Sky is Your Laboratory
    WWV receiver , or other accurate time source (to time-tag your images). … light-gathering), shortest focal length (for wide ®eld of view), and largest imager chip (for wide ®eld …
  • Final Technical Report for Phase I Award DE-SC0003559
    performance chips for other markets were made using a partially-depleted SOI process, including high-end microprocessors … … future of all long-distance wireless signals (including time/date signals) moving to GPS receivers , in the case … RF timing signals such as the WWV low-frequency radio stations broadcast by the National Institute of …
  • Specification and Implementation of the Universal Time Coordinated Synchronization Unit (UTCSU)
    During requirement analysis of the chip we took much care to keep all interfaces as straight- forward … … injection of external time, hence the UTCSU must be able to interface various GPS timing- receivers 3 . … increase fault tolerance, other sources of external time, like receivers for DCF77 or WWV , cf. (Lichtenecker, 1997 …
  • Arduino Internals
    There are a wide variety of self-contained timer chips that can easily be added to your … In the US, the WWV system transmits a radio signal that repeats every minute. You need a special radio receiver to decode this signal, but they’re available.
    gov/pml/div688/grp40/ wwv .cfm/. System-on- Chip .”. Optimum receiver design for wire- less broad-band systems using OFDM- I. Comm, IEEE Trans. on, 47 …
  • CiteSeerX — Packet Leashes: A Defense against Wormhole Attacks in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
    A computer-controlled LORAN-C receiver for precision timekeeping. A Precision Radio Clock for WWV Transmission - Mills - 1992 ARC releases BlueForm, a comprehensive solution for Bluetooth systems on a chip .
  • Author index
    … 274-280 (2B06) Hanson, D. Wayne, and Walter F. Hamilton; Satellite broadcasting of WWV signals; T-AES … … W., and J. Stewart; Electronic wide angle camera system (EWACS) (NAECON 74 Abstr.); T-AES 74 Jul 550 (2C13) N Naden, R. A., and J. C. Linn; One- chip stored-program magnetic bubble … … R.; An automatic timing receiver system based on the …
  • The US Navy's first online crypto system
    The radio transmitter and receiver equipment occupied the other half of our studies and work. … check and compare the system frequency stan- dard with the National Bureau of Standards radio station, WWV . Integrated circuit chips had not been imagined.