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Crispy Chips and Shiny Fittings

Featured Product from Busch Vacuum Solutions

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From composite foils to showerheads and reflectors, plastics with metallic surfaces are everywhere. They are often produced using BUSCH vacuum pumps.

Hard, shiny, and hermetically sealed

To prevent potato chips from becoming rancid and stale, the inside of most packets of chips is coated with an ultra-thin layer of aluminum. It makes the plastic foil impermeable to air, water vapor, and UV light. It also keeps flavors from escaping via diffusion, as would be possible with pure plastic foils.

Much of what looks like metal is actually coated plastic. This is also the case, for example, with most shiny chrome bathroom fittings. In addition to lending a more attractive appearance, the main role of the metal layer is to provide a hard, mechanically protective outer skin. For other products, the focus is on visual properties, such as foil mirrors or the reflectors of car headlights. In these applications, surfaces are needed that reflect light completely in a given direction.

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