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Busch Vacuum Solutions has promoted these products / services:

Busch Vacuum Solutions - Busch MINK Dry Claw Vacuum Pumps Featured at IWF

Busch Vacuum Solutions is featuring the latest MINK dry claw vacuum pumps at the International Woodworking Fair (IWF) 2024, in Atlanta, GA. These pumps are designed for reliability, energy efficiency and minimal maintenance. (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - Busch Group Exhibiting at Semicon West 2024

The three companies of the Busch Group (Busch Vacuum Solutions, Pfeiffer Vacuum and centrotherm clean solutions) announce their joint presence at Semicon West 2024. This marks a significant milestone, as it will be the inaugural occasion that the Busch Group exhibits collectively in one booth in the US. (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - Advanced Vacuum Generation-Less Maintenance Effort

Less Maintenance Effort Thanks to Advanced Vacuum Generation

Higher quality, less maintenance and lower costs – two standard vacuum systems from Busch Vacuum Solutions prove that everything is possible (read more)


Oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump


Efficient - Up to 50% energy savings thanks to the variable speed drive (VSD), automatic start and stop function with Ecomode

High performance - High pumping speed at low pressure ranges, designed for continuous operation in the rough vacuum range, best-in-class footprint performance ratio

Flexible... (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - Optimize the plastics production process

Discover how to optimize the plastics production process with our technical paper on vacuum technology. Learn how selecting the right vacuum equipment can improve product quality, increase efficiency, and ensure uptime. (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - Optimizing Vacuum Systems in the Plastics Industry

Discover how to optimize the plastics production process with our technical paper on vacuum technology. Learn how selecting the right vacuum equipment can improve product quality, increase efficiency, and ensure uptime. (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - Three Strong Brands Form the Global Busch Group

Busch Vacuum Solutions, Pfeiffer Vacuum and centrotherm clean solutions are now united under the umbrella of the new Busch Group. (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - Robost, All-in-One Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Unit



Proven technology, reliable operation, corrosion-free stainless steel impeller, extremely high vapor and particle tolerance, choice of cast iron (EN-GJL-200) or 316 grade stainless steel material housings, ATEX-certified version available (Cat. 1 (i/o) IIB, T4)


Unit with base frame, operating f... (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - Busch Vacuum Solutions at Anuga FoodTec

From 19 to 22 March at Anuga FoodTec in Cologne, Busch Vacuum Solutions will be presenting energy-efficient and highly variable vacuum solutions that optimally meet the high demands of the food industry. (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - Busch New Generation of Dry Claw Vacuum Pumps

Busch Vacuum Solutions introduces new MINK MM dry claw vacuum pumps. The new generation stands out for its minimal operating costs, low energy consumption and reduced CO2 footprint through reduced raw material requirements. (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - The Benefits of a Central Vacuum System

Selecting the right vacuum supply has a significant influence on the operational safety and the economic efficiency of a production process. In this video, we compare a decentralized vacuum supply with a central vacuum system. Discover the advantages of a central vacuum system. From significant cost savings to increased productivity and an improved working environment!

We have mor... (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps for sustainable packaging

The Innovation in Vacuum Busch Award 2022 goes to the German enterprise KIEFEL GmbH. The company manufactures thermoforming machines for the production of polymer and natural-fiber packaging. KIEFEL’s fiber thermoforming machines use DOLPHIN liquid ring vacuum pumps from Busch to pull the packaging into shape. (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - DOLPHIN - the robust liquid ring vacuum pumps

Liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - Leak detectors-improve efficiency and reliability

Leaks in vacuum systems can cause considerable damage in sensitive industrial processes. Vacuum pumps may fail or require more frequent service. The output quality can suffer, and losses in energy efficiency can occur. As a result, energy costs and overall operating costs increase drastically.
Our TAPIR leak detectors have been specially designed to avoid all these problems. They ca... (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - Busch Vacuum Solutions Introduces New R5 RA

The new rotary vane vacuum pump R5 RA 0520 A from Busch increases energy savings by up to 25%. (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - Save Energy with Sustainable Vacuum Solutions

Busch Vacuum Solutions has now launched the first vacuum pump of the new DX series on the market, the COBRA DX 0950 A. It is a dry vacuum pump with state-of-the-art screw vacuum technology for excellent running characteristics, high vapor and particle tolerance, and extremely energy-efficient operation.

The high-performance COBRA DX 0950 A is perfectly suited for many rough and me... (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - 7 Ways to Reduce Production Downtime

Production downtime is one of the biggest risks in the manufacturing industry. From equipment failures to shortages of raw materials, any production downtime can result in major losses in revenue and market share. (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - Instant Vacuum System With our PLUS Master Control

Instant Vacuum System. With our PLUS Master Control. Connect up to six vacuum pumps to one system. In seconds. Plug & Pump. Promised by many, delivered by few. Our PLUS pumps are ready for it. With our PLUS Master Control.

Simply activate the functionality, connect up to six PLUS pumps with an Ethernet switch and LAN cables and get started right away. You’ll have an inst... (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - Leak detectors TAPIR

The powerful detection devices for all applications (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - Busch can reduce energy costs by up to 50%


Climate change is one of the biggest concerns of our time.

Energy production and consumption are two of the largest polluters, responsible for over half of all harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Our team is committed to helping our clients decrease their energy consumption. Vacuum solutions from Busch can reduce... (read more)


Busch is your partner of choice for industrial vacuum systems

Busch offers vacuum system solutions. This means we are your partners in a process. We don’t just ship you a vacuum pump.

We work together on each step to create a fully operational, sustainable, custom-fit system. From initial analysis to design, from installation to top quality service.
No matter you... (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - Sometimes you just need a little more power

Sometimes you just need a little more power. Our vacuum pumps can easily handle it. With a variable speed drive (VSD) from Busch, you are optimally prepared for peak demand. But even in times with less demand, we won’t let your electricity costs explode. 20% more power* or 60% less speed is no problem for our motors. Each speed is infinitely variable, either manually or automatical... (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - Busch expands with abatement systems

The Busch abatement systems (GABA) are newly launched for treatment of exhaust gases from a vacuum pump used in semiconductor applications. (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - Avoiding Unscheduled Downtimes in Semicon Fabs

Avoiding Unscheduled Downtimes in Semicon Fabs with Preventive Vacuum Service

The global demand of computer chips is so high now, that existing product capacities can’t keep up. Unscheduled production downtimes in Semiconductor fabs must be avoided by any costs. Busch Vacuum Solutions developed a new service concept that ensures the availability of the vacuum supply,... (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - No Gas in the Glass

Degassing mineral water with the power of vacuum (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - Reducing Production Downtimes

Reducing Production Downtimes with OTTO Digital Services by Busch (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - Busch Harsh Processes Vacuum Pump

Dry screw vacuum pump designed for harsh semiconductor applications. (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - Vacuum helps saving space & protecting the climate

Protective gas prevents electrical flashover

High voltage can result in an electric short circuit made through the air, even without direct contact. Gas-insulated switch panels prevent this undesired effect. Using vacuum pumps that are very often manufactured by BUSCH, they are evacuated before being filled with insulating gas.
Air does conduct electricity, albe... (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - Vacuum essential for e-mobility

Lithium-ion batteries are at the heart of e-mobility. Key processes during their manufacture are performed under vacuum. BUSCH has the proper vacuum pumps for various requirements.
Lithium (Li) is the lightest of the solid elements and its electrically charged ions move extremely easily. Li-ion batteries – the ones in cars being rechargeable – can store more charg... (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - New vacuum pump for processes with high gas flow

Advanced dry screw vacuum pump design with excellent running qualities - DS 3161 B (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - New vacuum pump digital monitoring.

Benefit from vacuum pump condition monitoring with our OTTO services (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - Process for hygienically packaging fresh meat

Using a vacuum or protective gas during the packaging process is one of today’s most common methods for hygienically packaging fresh meat, sausage goods and convenience products in portioned packaging with a long shelf life that is attractive to consumers. (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - Crispy Chips and Shiny Fittings

Metal layers are applied to plastic in a vacuum (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - Climatic Chamber for Eight-Thousander Test

Vacuum pumps help with altitude and space simulation (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - Air conditioner for the pump - invented it for you

Self-Adjusting Cooling

Temperature independently balanced. The air conditioner for the pump. We invented it for you. (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - We have increased pump hygiene significantly

We have increased pump hygiene significantly. By thinking outside the box. Literally. (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - COBRA NF 0950 A Dry Screw Vacuum Pump


Busch Vacuum Solutions - Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump With Pressure Control

At the IFFA trade show, Busch will be showcasing the new R 5 PLUS, a pioneering vacuum pump for food packaging. (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - Premium Efficiency Vacuum Pumps

In response to today's demand for maximum energy efficiency, Busch is introducing a new Premium Efficiency class of vacuum pumps and system solutions. The Premium Efficiency class from Busch brings together leading technologies with operational features that set new standards of efficiency. (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - R 5 Oil-Lubricated Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

R 5 oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps are the industry standard due to their robustness and operational reliability. Over 3 million of these vacuum pumps are used worldwide every day in tough industrial applications. (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - Mink Dry Claw Vacuum Pumps and Compressors

Mink claw vacuum pumps have been developed especially for use in industrial applications where a constant vacuum, high suction capacity and totally oil-free compression are essential. Mink claw vacuum pumps operate contact-free; neither oil nor water are required during the compression process. (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - COBRA Industry Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps

COBRA NC dry screw vacuum pumps are highly efficient for use in many industrial applications including process applications. These models represent many years of experience in dry vacuum technology and offer key design benefits. (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - Zebra Two-Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Zebra is our series of two-stage rotary vane vacuum pumps for medium vacuum. This proven technology is also available for higher vacuum levels. (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - Dolphin Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Dolphin liquid ring vacuum pumps are available as one-stage or two-stage vacuum pumps in both a close coupled and a base plate version. The proven compression principle allows them to be used in all sectors of industry. Critical applications such as evacuating saturated gases and vapours are easily carried out using Dolphin liquid ring vacuum pumps. (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - Avoid Unscheduled Downtime in Semicon Fabs

Busch Vacuum Solutions developed the unique vacuum pump remanufacturing service ARPQP (Advanced Remanufacture Product Quality Planning). The new concept of service follows the four core principles of the automotive world class standards of APQP in remanufacturing vacuum pumps. Following these principles is considered as the highest standard for safe production leading to an efficient, re... (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - Busch Vacuum Exhibiting at SEMICON West 2023

Showcasing Industry Leading SubFab Management and Innovative Products (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - Innovation Champion in Sustainability

Busch Vacuum Solutions considered a champion in sustainability. (read more)

Busch Vacuum Solutions - Highest Reputation for Busch Vacuum Solutions

Busch Vacuum Solutions is recognized as highly reputable by F.A.Z. Institute. (read more)