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Category: Regenerative Blowers
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Busch Vacuum Solutions is a leading manufacturer and retailer of vacuum pumps, blowers, compressors and customized systems using vacuum technology. Busch offers a unique range of solutions, support services and technical expertise to meet the demand for diverse applications in every industry. 
We constantly evaluate our operation in order to maintain the highest standards, and continue to develop innovative technologies that will define the future of vacuum system applications, while still featuring the same durability and quality that has become the hallmark of Busch products
Busch USA is one of more than 60 subsidiaries within the global family-owned Busch Company that has been managed by members of the Busch Family since its inception in 1963. Due to this, Busch USA has also adopted a family-owned business approach to serving our customers?
Busch USA is comprised of our Busch LLC Sales Company and Busch Manufacturing LLC Company, both headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia. This is also home to our engineers, product specialists, customer service professionals and manufacturing teams dedicated to quality and innovation. 

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US Manufacturing Partners in the Medical Gas Industry Step Up to Meet Covid-19 Demand (Gas Handling Equipment) As hospital capacities are being expanded to face the increasing number of COVID-19 patients, the demand for medical air compressors, vacuum systems, and medical gas pipeline is increasing as well. As... (View Full Article)
Case Study: Reduction of CO2 Emissions via Centralized Vacuum Supply (Vacuum Equipment) An energy management audit in 2010 led to the decision to replace the vacuum supply on the individual packaging machines with a much more energy-efficient central vacuum system from Busch. This change... (View Full Article)