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Mailboxes are devices used to enclose, store, and separate mail. They are sometimes referred to as post boxes or letter boxes.


Mailboxes consist of a mail storage container and a small door to access the contents of the box. Each unit may have a slot through which mail can be inserted without opening the container. Mailboxes are usually numbered or otherwise individually identifiable. The size of the box and container varies depending upon the intended application.


Mailboxes may be constructed of metal, plastic, or wood, and may also include a locking mechanism to protect contents from envionmental conditions and theft.




The simplest mailboxes consist of a storage container mounted to a post. Other mailbox types include:


  • Cluster mailboxes - Accessed via front panels. These durable, corrosion-resistant products may be equipped with a cam lock and dust or rain shield. Cluster mailboxes may also include pedestal-mounted parcel lockers that can be configured in different ways.
  • High security mailboxes - Designed to deter identify theft and vandalism. They are made of metal, typically galvanized steel, and have thicker walls and added security features.
  • Rotary mail centers - Free-standing products that are designed to accommodate a rack-ladder system and boxes.
  • Horizontal mailboxes
  • Vertical mailboxes   



SAA AS 4253 (Mailboxes)

AASHTO EMOH (Guide for erecting mailboxes on highways)