Planters Information

Planters are designed to plant seeds, seedlings, and bulbs, and to grow garden plants, flowers, trees and shrubs, vines, native grasses, fruits and vegetables. There are many types of products. Examples include planters and planter troughs; pots, tubs and urns; terrariums and window boxes; water tanks and fountains; planter pedestals; and planter accessories. Tree guards, mulching mats, grow tubes, hydroponics supplies, arbors, landscape architecture, and plant lights are also available.


In addition to product type, specifications for plants and planting products include shape, material, color, and features. Commercial planters are large, outdoor planters used to display flowers, foliage and native grasses near driveways, walkways, parking lots, and other publicly-accessible areas. They are made of wood, concrete, stone, terracotta, ceramic, metal, fiberglass, or composite materials.


Wooden planters are sometimes made of redwood, an evergreen tree that is used popular building material. In addition to redwood planters, outdoor planters include fiberglass planters, concrete planters, and composite planters. Planters such as indoor planters or window planters are also available.


Planter accessories encompass planter brackets, plant stands, potting benches, and potting soil. Planting pots, tubs and urns vary in terms of shape, size, and style. Terrariums may be either open or closed. Open terrariums require more maintenance than closed terrariums, but are suitable for a wider range of plants. Window boxes include plant boxes, flower boxes, window baskets, and hanging baskets that attach to a building beneath a window, or hang from a nearby hook.

Materials of Construction

Materials of construction include aluminum, fiberglass, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Plants and planting products such as water tanks and fountains differ in terms of materials and features. Self-watering reservoir systems may be designed for window boxes, commercial planters, hanging baskets, pots, shrubs, shrub seedlings, or ornamental seedlings.

Types of Planters

Types of planters include planter pedestals and planter accessories, as well as tree guards, mulching mats, grow tubes, arbors, landscape architecture, and plant lights. Tree guards attach to tree grates and are differ in terms of standard height and style. They are usually made of metal. Mulch mats or mulching mats are designed to prevent the growth of weeds while maintaining proper soil moisture. They are sometimes made of recycled materials. Grow tubes are used to grow grape vines, often in vineyards where animal predation is a problem. Arbors are frameworks that support growing plants. Landscape architecture is used in the design of parks and other public spaces. Plants and planting products also include plants lights and hydroponics supplies.

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