Specialty or proprietary products and accessories related to building and construction equipment.

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Computer Workstations are desks, benches or racks that are specifically used to hold a computer.
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Elevators, escalators and moving walkways are used to raise or move people or goods from one location to another within a building.
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Furniture (741 suppliers)

Furniture consists of seating, benches, tables, cabinets and chairs for indoor or outdoor applications.
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Gangways (24 suppliers)

Gangways are removable or fixed ramps used to load and unload cargo or passengers from roadway vehicles, off-road vehicles, ships, aircraft or between railcars or between fixed and floating docks. Railway gangway have bellows enclosing the gangway ramp
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Mezzanines (290 suppliers)

Mezzanines are structures that provide an intermediate story between the two main stories of a building. They are used to increase a building’s floor space.
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Modular and prefabricated bridges are traffic spans that are constructed in sections on or off-location before being installation. These bridges can be used on a temporary basis or designed for permanent use.
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Modular building systems are buildings that are constructed in sections in a factory before being delivered to a site for assembly.
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Pest control products and equipment are used to repel, remove or eradicate unwanted animals and insects. They use mechanical, electrical, chemical, and ultrasonic methods and are designed typically to combat specific types of vermin.
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Piers and Docks (39 suppliers)

Piers and docks are structural walk paths over water.
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Planters (59 suppliers)

Planters are designed to plant seeds, seedlings, and bulbs, and to grow garden plants, flowers, trees and shrubs, vines, native grasses, fruits and vegetables.
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Platforms and Walkways (383 suppliers)

Platforms and walkways are equipment access structures that enable regular maintenance and inspection activites at elevated workspaces. Systems incorporate structural supports, walking surface decking or planks, framing, hardware, and accessories such as handrails, access gates, stairs, ladders, and kick plates.
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Playfield Equipment (59 suppliers)

Playfield equipment includes all types of equipment used on fields for recreational play. Playground, football, soccer, and other related equipment is included in this category.
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Commercial and research greenhouses are enclosures dedicated to the botanical needs of plants. Commerical greenhouses produce plants for consumers, while research growth chambers are oriented towards plant science and pharmaceutical harvests.
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Seating (220 suppliers)

Seating includes furniture upon which people sit and materials that are used to cover or upholster seats.
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Sunrooms and solariums are structures, which are constructed as part of a house to receive the maximum amount of sunlight, enjoy surrounding landscapes, and to be protected from unfavorable weather conditions.
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Time and attendance systems are used to record and track employee attendance and hours worked. They are often integrated with payroll, scheduling, and job costing systems.
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