Traffic Safety Equipment Information

Traffic conesTraffic safety equipment provides visible and physical barriers to help control traffic flow. Traffic safety equipment is used to direct highway traffic in case of an accident or road construction, to mark dangerous curves or medians, or to provide barriers to traffic in parking lots and garages.


Traffic safety equipment includes:

  • cones and barricades
  • bollards
  • barrels and drums
  • sensors
  • sensing systems
  • traffic control systems
  • signs
  • lights
  • signals


Traffic safety equipment is used at accident sites to ensure that oncoming traffic is directed around the stopped cars and to allow access for emergency response vehicles. Commonly used items at an accident site include brightly colored or reflective traffic cones, flares or flashing lights, barrels and reflective tapes. A traffic control barrier can also include delineator posts or sets of interlocking barriers that can close off an entire lane or indicate that a road is closed to traffic. A traffic barrier can also be used to protect sensitive facilities, such as airports and restricted buildings. Bollards, benches, and planters made of reinforced concrete are often used to secure buildings from an intentional or accidental vehicle impact.

Traffic safety equipment is used to manage routine, daily traffic on roadways and highway systems. A traffic light or signal at an intersection ensures a smooth flow of traffic through certain areas. A traffic signal may also be timed to control speed and volume of traffic in particular areas. Traffic safety equipment also includes sensors to detect vehicles or axles for traffic or traffic flow control. The sensor data would be fed into a traffic control or tolling system. Markers and indicators that are used in deep snow to locate fire hydrants and utility boxes are another example of traffic safety devices. Snow poles are tall, brightly colored poles that can be used to indicate a hidden hazard at the shoulder of the road.

Traffic safety equipment is also used at road construction sites to direct traffic around maintenance vehicles and workers. A traffic safety barrier erected around the worksite ensures the safety of the workers and is typically accompanied by workers with flags or signs to control the flow of oncoming traffic. A traffic safety sign or paddle indicates to oncoming traffic whether or not it is safe to proceed through the site.

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