Shower Basins, Surrounds, and Stalls Information

Shower basins, surrounds and stalls are products that are used in the construction of showers. The basin is a recepticle for shower wastewater and run-off. This entity incorporates a drain to prevent excessive pooling while the shower is in use. Anti-slip products are typically applied to the basin to prevent users from falling on the slick surface. Basins are manufactured in a variety of shapes and footprints, and are most commonly acrylic, fiberglass, marble, or tile in construction. Basins are not required for instances where a bathtub has been outfitted with a shower spigot.


Surrounds are placed on top of the basin or along the top edges of the bathtub. These items are shaped panels which prevent shower overspray and splatter from exiting the designated shower area. Large-sized panels of fiberglass, acrylic polymers, tempered glass, or other waterproof materials are manufactured in a large variety of forms. Frequently, only three surrounds are used to allow the installation of a shower door or curtain. Shower stalls are units which incorporate a basin with surrounds, and possibly a door and showerhead, into a single component. No matter the construction method of a shower, significant caulking/grouting will likely be need to make the shower watertight.

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Images credits; American Standard; Kohler