Products to control and deliver water throughout a building structure.
Plumbing and Fluid Control Categories

Air Pressure Regulators (381 suppliers)

Air pressure regulators control pressure in air lines (usually adjustable) to remove fluctuations and maintain consistent pressure for pneumatic devices.

Backflow Preventers (124 suppliers)

Backflow preventers are assemblies consisting of two check valves and two shut off valves. These assemblies may also include test cocks for each chamber.

Bath and Shower Fixtures (55 suppliers)

Bath and shower fixtures are systems that deliver water during bathing. The systems control the temperature and flow of water for bathtubs, showers and custom stalls.

Catch Basins (27 suppliers)

Catch basins are surface water inlets that have a sump to collect solids. The device allows for water to flow through into a network of pipes.

Culverts (46 suppliers)

Culverts are devices used to allow flow of water beneath roads and access points were passage is necessary.

Fluid Dispensing Equipment (927 suppliers)

Fluid dispensing equipment includes all manner of devices that dispense, mix and dispense, or mix, meter and dispense fluid media.

Flush Valves and Flushometers (22 suppliers)

Flush Valves and Flushometers are valves used to enter water into a toilet or urinal to cause it to flush.

Fountains (61 suppliers)

Fountains deliver drinking water or provide aeration and circulation in lakes, ponds, and other waterways.

Gas Cabinets and Distribution Systems (109 suppliers)

Gas cabinets and distribution systems consist of vaporizers, gas cabinets, gas manifolds, mass flow controllers, valves, pressure sensors and associated interconnect tubing configured to deliver bulk and specialty gases to process equipment.

Gas Compressors and Gas Compressor Systems (319 suppliers)

Gas compressors and gas compressor systems circulate gas through a process, enhance conditions for chemical reactions, provide inert gas for safety or control systems, recover and recompress process gas, and maintain correct pressure levels by either adding and removing gas or vapors from a process system.

Gas Cylinders (115 suppliers)

Gas cylinders are used to store gases under high pressures. They can store flammable gases such as acetylene and inert gases such as helium.

Industrial Mixers (1,083 suppliers)

Industrial mixers use a shaft, screw, blades, ribbons, impellers or propellers to mix industrial materials such as adhesives, chemicals, construction materials, minerals, coatings and paints.

Manholes and Manhole Covers (173 suppliers)

Manholes allow access to underground pipes, cables, meters and facilities. Manhole covers are used cover manholes.

Nozzles (643 suppliers)

Nozzles alter and control the stream or spray pattern of a fluid in a spray coating or dispensing system.

Pipe Hangers and Conduit Hangers (285 suppliers)

Pipe hangers and pipe supports are used to support hanging pipe.  They include clevis hangers, beam clamps, pipe clamps, brackets and pipe straps.

Pipe, Tube, Hose and Fittings (7,524 suppliers)

Hose, pipe, tube, fittings and accessories make up the infrastructure necessary to convey materials throughout a structure.

Plumbing Fixtures (877 suppliers)

Plumbing fixtures are devices that are part of a system to deliver and drain water and are also configured for a particular use. Plumbing fixtures include sinks, toilets, bidets, urinals, shower units, water closets, water coolers, bathtubs, service sinks, and utility sinks.

Pumps (4,728 suppliers)

Machines and devices used for the raising, compression or transference of a variety of materials.

Static Mixers (114 suppliers)

Static or motionless mixers are fins, obstructions, or channels mounted in pipes, designed to promote mixing as fluid flows through the mixer.

Storage Tanks and Process Tanks (1,643 suppliers)

Storage tanks and process tanks are bulk containers of varying size and configuration.

Tempering Valves and Thermally Actuated Valves (97 suppliers)

Tempering valves and thermally actuated valves contain a thermal sensing component that opens or closes in response to temperature changes.

Thermal Energy Meters (25 suppliers)

Thermal energy meters measure the flow rate of a thermal fluid and the temperature differential between the inlet and outlet connections in order to quantify thermal energy consumption.

Valve Boxes and Curb Boxes (34 suppliers)

Valve boxes and curb boxes are underground devices that protect valves within water, wastewater and gas utility lines. They also permit access for valve operation.

Valves (11,266 suppliers)

Devices that regulate the flow of gases, liquids, or loose materials through piping by opening, closing, or obstructing ports or passageways.

Water Coolers (68 suppliers)

Water coolers provide a chilled, conditioned and/or filtered water source.


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Category: Air Pressure Regulators
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