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Valve Size:


Help with Backflow Preventers specifications:

   Valve Size       Valve size is the designated size of the valve by manufacturer.  This typically represents the size of the passage opening. 
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   Air       The valve can handle all types of non-pressurized air. 
   Breathable Air       Breathable air is free of contamination and is suitable for inhalation. 
   Compressed Air       Compressed air is under a pressure greater than atmosphere. 
   Chemical       Chemicals are substances that are produced or used in a process involving changes to molecules or atoms. 
   Hydraulic Fluid       Hydraulic valves contain and transfer the flow and pressure of hydraulic fluid in hydraulic power systems. They range from simple shutoff valves to precise control valves used in motion control systems. 
   Water       Any type of water. 
   Hot Water       Water that has been heated. 
   Cold Water       Unheated water to cool. 
   Ground Water       Ground water is untreated water that is found on or collects freely on the ground.  
   Potable Water       Potable water is considered safe and fit for human consumption, culinary and domestic purposes and meets the requirements of the health authority having jurisdiction. 
   Salt Water       Water has a high concentration of salt, often from the ocean or sea. 
   Wastewater       Wastewater is the spent or used water of a community or industry that contains dissolved and suspended matter. 
   Gas       Any type of gas, although generally excluding air. 
   Gasoline / Diesel Fuel       Gasoline / diesel fuel is a mixture of flammable liquid hydrocarbons derived chiefly from crude petroleum and used as a fuel for internal-combustion engines. 
   High Purity Gas       High purity gas is designated by manufacturer as being applicable and built for high purity applications - includes nitrogen, argon, oxygen, hydrogen, and H.P. mixtures. 
   LP - Gas       Liquefied petroleum is a gas containing specific hydrocarbons that are gaseous under normal atmospheric conditions, but can be liquefied under moderate pressure and temperatures. Propane and butane are examples. 
   Natural Gas       Natural gases are liquid hydrocarbon mixtures that are gaseous at reservoir temperatures and pressures, but are recoverable by condensation or absorption. 
   Sour Gas       Sour gas is hydrogen sulfide (H2S) laden gas. 
   Specialty / Corrosive Gases       Specialty corrosive gases. 
   Powder / Solids       Media in solid or powder state. 
   Steam       Water in a gaseous state at a temperature above its boiling point. 
   Other       Other unlisted, specialized, or proprietary media. 
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