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Water coolers are apparatus used to cool and dispense water. Water coolers provide a chilled, conditioned, and/or filtered water source.


Water coolers are either bottled or bottle-less. Bottled water coolers require a supply of water in large bottles whereas, bottle-less water coolers are directly connected to water sources. The most common form of water coolers is wall mounted and connected to the building's water and electric supply. The water passes through the refrigeration unit, cools, and is finally dispensed for end use. Another connection goes to the building's waste disposal system to dispose of the unused water. There are different types of water coolers available. Bottled water coolers/dispensers require supply of water in large bottles. Bottle-less water coolers are directly connected to a water source and ensure an uninterrupted supply of drinking water without a pre-processed connection of a water bottle on it. Bottle filling stations are used in the production of drinking water and other beverages packed in polyethylene teraphthalate (PET) bottles. Typically, bottle filling stations are fully-automatic synchronized machines with rinsing, filling, and capping integrated into it. Bottom-loading dispensers are designed specifically to avoid the need of lifting and spilling water bottles. In addition to the above mentioned general water coolers, other types of water coolers include stand-alone water coolers, countertop models, and stainless water coolers. Consumers can now purchase and use water coolers that come in a variety of shapes, materials, or colors. The buttons and additional components are varied among water coolers manufactured by different companies.

Special Features

Special features of water coolers are that they can dispense water for different needs. They can dispense normal room-temperature water, chilled water, heated water, and filtered water. These water coolers have a device to dispense water in a controlled manner. Additionally, some hot taps are equipped with push-in safety valves to prevent burns from an accidental or inadvertent pressing of the lever on water coolers. The water cooler industry continues to improve water coolers by taking special notice of purification methods and abiding by laws and regulations thate cite such purity standards. Also, manufacturers offer excellent water coolers with additional components to satisfy prospective clients.

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