Fountains Information

Fountains deliver drinking water or provide aeration and circulation in lakes, ponds, and other waterways. They may also be used for decorative or aesthetic purposes. There are three basic types of fountains. Rising jets spray water straight up into the air. Downward-fall fountains direct water upward, but at an angle. Fountains that use a combination of these two methods are also available. In terms of mounting styles, some fountains are wall-mounted while others are freestanding. Most floor fountains are freestanding, and are both larger and heavier than either wall-mounted or tabletop fountains. Floating fountains with fountain pumps are also available. Typically, these products are used for pond aeration or lake aeration. There are many styles of drinking fountains, aeration fountains, circulation fountains, and decorative fountains. Drinking fountains differ in terms of material, finish, color, and cost. Drinking fountain chillers and mounting frames carry additional specifications. Aeration products include both aerating fountains and underwater lighting. Circulation fountains are used to move water in both indoor and outdoor applications. Decorative fountains are usually made of copper, stone, or stainless steel. They include indoor waterfalls and outdoors garden in various designs and styles. When selecting a fountain, the application and amount of water are important considerations. Outdoor fountains are usually made of weather-resistant materials, or designed for seasonal applications. Pond fountains are used for aeration, a process which adds air to water. Typically, pond aerators are used in standing bodies of water with frequent algae blooms, low oxygen and high nutrient levels, and stagnant or inadequate mixing. Pond fountains may also help to eliminate unpleasant odors while providing aesthetic appeal. Most suppliers of these and other aeration circulation fountains also provide pond pumps, pond filters, pond liners, and pond kits. Lake aerators and lake fountains are similar to water circulation products for ponds, but are designed to work in a larger area. Pond fountains and lake fountains also include purely decorative water fountains. There are many types of specialty fountains. These include patio fountains, lightweight fountains, and fountain pools. Granite fountains, urns and planters, and fountain accessories such as bronze statues and LED lighting are also available from fountain suppliers.