Communication Tower Erection Services Information

Communication towerCommunication tower erection services build communication towers, set up satellite dishes, and install related communications equipment. They also provide design engineering, structural analysis, and line testing services.


Additional capabilities may include:

  • site surveys and evaluations
  • tower reinforcing and painting
  • radio frequency (RF) mapping
  • antenna and line sweeps

Structural analysis involves the selection of tower styles and materials of construction. Site surveys identify potential tower locations and evaluate the impact of regulatory requirements. Tower reinforcement may involve the replacement of round tension rods with angled components that can increase a tower’s loading capabilities. Antenna and line sweeps verify the proper functioning of an antenna and its line feeds. RF mapping identifies places on or around the tower in which personnel may be exposed to excessive levels of RF radiation. Tower painting can prevent corrosion and improve a tower’s appearance.


Communication tower erection services build many different types of towers.

  • Concealed towers are attractive, unobtrusive antenna support structures that are used to provide wireless coverage. Some resemble clock towers or flagpoles.
  • Fold-over towers bend at an interval to allow access to mounted equipment.
  • Guyed towers use guy wires to support antennas and communication equipment for telecommunication, radio transmission, cellular, and wireless applications.
  • Mobile towers may include a telescoping tower that tilts up or folds down. They are suitable for emergency communications, two-way radio, remote base stations, and cell-on-wheels (COW) applications.
  • Platform towers are used in surveillance, recreation, and construction.

Communication tower erection services also build roof top towers, self-supporting towers, and telescoping or crank-up towers.


Some communication tower erection services perform acquisition, acceptance, extreme load, and additional load inspections. Acquisition inspections verify the suitability of existing buildings, structures, designs, and equipment. Acceptance inspections ensure that a new tower is plumb and that guyed wires are properly tensioned. Communication tower erection services may also inspect anchor alignments, bolt torques, and tower shaft materials as part of an acceptance inspection. Extreme load inspections are performed after a tower is subjected to extreme loading due to high winds or extreme weather. Additional load inspections are used to determine whether an existing tower can handle an additional load. Later, communication tower erection services perform periodic inspections to comply with state and local regulations.

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