Career Management and Placement Services Information

Career management and placement services include consultants, businesses, and employment agencies that provide information and resources related to employment and career direction. They offer career planning and work search services to students who are about to graduate, employees seeking new positions, and executives who want to advance their careers. Career management and placement services may sponsor workshops and seminars or provide individual consultations to help job seekers change jobs or move into the workforce for the first time. They can serve specific geographic areas or target markets, or provide a broad change of services to national and international clients.

There are many types of career management and placement services. Examples include career placement services, employment placement services, executive placement services, and direct placement services. Companies that offer career placement services accept resumes from job seekers, sort and categorize resumes, and provide advice. Companies that provide employment placement services research industry trends and analyze market size and projected growth. They also provide outplacement services and executive search services. Agencies that provide executive placement services link businesses with executives and vice versa. Companies that provide direct placement services recruit and interview employees. They also perform screening and drug testing activities on behalf of client companies. Other types of career management and placement services are also available.

Career management and placement services are an essential link between job seekers and companies that need to recruit candidates. Head hunters are staffed by human resource consultants and career management consultants who can identify the best candidates for a particular job. A career management consultant evaluates a job seeker’s personal and professional background by analyzing their educational and professional qualifications and career goals. A career management consultant can also help job seekers understand their market value and negotiate employment packages. Companies that provide executive placement services can help executives advance their professional development by finding suitable positions. Career management and placement services are a source of career and employment information and expertise to both job seekers and employer communities.