Education and training services include companies that provide certification programs, specialized training programs, and related seminars.
Education and Career Services Categories

Career Management and Placement Services (117 suppliers)

Career management, development and placement services include consultants, businesses, organizations and employment agencies that provide information and resources related to employment and career direction.

Colleges and Universities (1,659 suppliers)

Colleges and universities provide for-credit courses, degrees or certificate programs in engineering, science, technology, management or other specialized subject areas.

HAZMAT Training Services (74 suppliers)

HAZMAT training services include training HAZMAT employees on the safe handling, storage and transportation, placarding, labeling, incident response and document regulation requirement define by state, federal and provincial departments of transportation (DOT).

Human Resources Services (342 suppliers)

Human resources services administer a company’s employee policies, compensation plans, and benefits such as vacation time and health insurance. They may also evaluate management performance and oversee employee relations.

Instructional Seminars and Training Services (2,885 suppliers)

Instructional seminars and training services include non-credit programs; courses or seminars in engineering, science, technology, management, and other specialized subject areas; and production operation or application-specific training.

Staffing and Recruiting Services (1,049 suppliers)

Staffing and recruiting services provide workers on a temporary or permanent basis.


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Category: Career Management and Placement Services
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