Sensor Accessories Information

Sensor accessories including mounts, sensor cables and sensor adapters are sensor components that are designed to hold or position sensors, or connect sensors to sensor systems or instruments. They offer secure and flexible positioning of sensors to ensure reliable data acquisition. Manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors of sensor mounts, sensor cables and sensor adapters are located across the United States and around the world. They adhere to a variety of regulatory requirements and quality standards.


Sensor accessories include stands, leveling platforms and fixtures, and arms or cross arms, complete with mounting hardware to attach them to a variety of different sensing apparatus. Sensor mounts are typically used to attach sensors to instrumentation tripods or towers, for example, in solar radiation or wind measurement applications. As a product category, sensor mounts include brackets, slide brackets, and slide or adjustable mounts. A sensor mount may also provide built-in leveling fixtures, such as bubble levels and leveling screws, to ensure that the sensor is in the proper position to acquire accurate data.


Sensor accessories are also used in many different types of processing and automated environments, including mechanized or robot-assisted manufacturing, pipelines, and scientific measurement stations. Sensor cables provide connections between mounted sensors and data gathering equipment. A sensor cable may also be heated to withstand harsh cold temperature environments, such as in remote weather stations. Sensor mounts, cables and adapters can also help integrate laboratory sensor equipment with computers for data logging or reporting.


Sensor accessories allow scientists and engineers to extend the measurement capability of sensitive instrumentation. Sensor adapters provide the ability to add third-party or specialty sensors to existing systems. A sensor adapter also allows operators to use older model sensors with new interface technology, or support an older interface with data gathered by a new sensor.

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