Accessories are used to bundle, clip, clamp, label, guide, and protect wires and cables
Wire and Cable Accessories Categories

Cable Bus Systems (12 suppliers)

Cable bus systems are used to transfer large amounts of power (very high current and voltage) between a power source and a load center. They are engineered systems that include cable trays, wireways, and conductors for connecting a power source to a machine. Unlike trays and wireways, cable bus systems are complete packages that include wiring or cabling.

Cable Carriers (136 suppliers)

Cable carriers are constructed of flexible links and are used to organize and manage cables and hoses for moving applications.

Cable Clamps (290 suppliers)

Cable clamps are used to bundle, clip, clamp, label, guide, and protect wires and cables.

Cable Glands (308 suppliers)

Cable glands are bulkhead modules that allow barrier penetration while providing sealing protection. They are commonly known as sealing glands or strain reliefs and have the ability to seal around one or multiple wires, cables or probes. They are available in plastic and metal configurations.

Cable Ramps and Hose Ramps (34 suppliers)

Cable ramps and hose ramps cover wires, cables, hose or pipe in high traffic areas to protect them from damage.

Cable Ties (696 suppliers)

Cable ties hold groups of cables together for support and ease of maintenance.

Cable Transits (62 suppliers)

Cable transits are bulkhead or barrier modules that allow electrical cables to pass through, while providing various levels of sealing, strain relief, and damage protection, depending on the application requirements.

Cable Trays (257 suppliers)

Cable trays are rigid-type trays used as raceways for cables and wires.

Conduit Fittings (162 suppliers)

Conduit fittings are connectors and fittings used to connect one piece of conduit to another, or to connect conduit to an electrical box. They are available in various metals, as well as with different levels of moisture protection.

DIN Rail (75 suppliers)

DIN rails and DIN rail clips and brackets are used on computer boards. DIN is an acronym for Deutsche Institute fuer Normung, a German standardization body and member of ISO.

Electrical Conduit (551 suppliers)

Electrical conduit is lengths of solid tubing used to house, protect, and cover electrical wiring and cables in power distribution systems.

Electrical Connector Bases and Covers (118 suppliers)

Electrical connector bases and covers are designed to provide mechanical protection for electrical connectors. They are available in many shapes and sizes to accommodate different types of electrical connections.

Electrical Feedthroughs (118 suppliers)

Electrical feedthroughs transmit electrical current through the walls of a pressurized or vacuum system through a hermetic seal.

Patch Panels (232 suppliers)

Patch panels are groups of ports used to connect lines between communications and electronic devices. Connections are made manually with small patch cords, and are easier to wire than automatic switches. Wireless patch panels are also available.

Protective Sleeving (209 suppliers)

Protective sleeves are special, corrugated conduits used to organize cables and wires.

Pulling and Support Grips (41 suppliers)

Pulling grips are mechanical devices used for the holding of a wire or cable so that it can be pulled without damage to the wire or cable jacket.

Sensor Accessories (42 suppliers)

Sensor accessories including mounts, sensor cables and sensor adapters are components specifically engineered for holding/positioning sensors or connecting sensors to sensor systems or instruments.

Shrink Tubing (452 suppliers)

Heat shrink tubing conforms to the size and shape of wires, connections, open coils, and other electrically conductive elements to insulate and protect them from adverse environmental conditions.

Splice Kits (64 suppliers)

Splice kits are used to establish a connection between two cables.

Strain Reliefs (207 suppliers)

Strain reliefs protect the lifeline of electrical products by absorbing the forces of push and pull that may be exerted on the flexible wires, cables, or tubing.

Wallplates (68 suppliers)

Wallplates are covers for electrical receptacles and switches normally mounted on a wall.

Wire and Cable Clips (276 suppliers)

Wire and cable clips are used to bundle, clip, guide, and protect wires and cables.

Wire Markers and Cable Markers (228 suppliers)

Wire markers and cable markers are used to label wires and cables.

Wire Terminals (329 suppliers)

Wire terminals are passive conductors used to facilitate a connection that is not soldered.

Wireways (167 suppliers)

Wireways are designed to protect electrical wires from dust, dirt, water and oil.

Wiring Ducts (180 suppliers)

Wiring ducts are rigid trays typically used as raceways for cables and wires within electrical enclosures.


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