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Electrical Winding Services Information

Electrical winding servicesElectrical winding services fabricate custom-wound assemblies for a wide range of applications, including:

  • automotive
  • avionics
  • motor
  • transformer
  • medical instrumentation
  • power generation

An electrical winding service is the first basic step for the generation of electricity. An electrical winding service includes various machines such as an alternator, generator, stator, and AC/DC motor. AC/DC motors incorporate single/multiphase, universal, servo, induction, synchronous, and gear motor types of motors. A motor consists of a rotor and a permanent magnetic field called a stator. A magnetic field is maintained using either permanent magnets or electromagnetic windings. An alternator converts mechanical energy to alternating current electrical energy whereas an electrical generator produces electrical energy from a mechanical energy source. Other electrical winding services are commonly available.


Electrical winding services include utilizing a generator that creates an electric current, but does not create an electric charge, because it is already present in the conductive wire of its windings. An alternator has a rotating electromagnet called a rotor that turns within a stationary set of conductors wound in coils on an iron core called a stator. The mechanical input causes the rotor to turn and the field cuts across the conductors and generates an electrical current. Electrical winding services include utilizing a stator, which is made with permanent magnets. A stator is a fixed part of a rotating turbine or electric motor and provides an external magnetic field for a motor. Servomotor is an electromechanical device whose electrical input determines the position of the armature of a motor. A servomotors has the ability to operate at a range of speeds without overheating, the ability to operate at zero speed, and retain sufficient torque to hold a load in position. An AC/DC motor generates a magnetic field, which is produced by an electromagnet powered by the same voltage as the motor coil. Electrical winding services use an AC/DC machine that has coils that produce the magnetic field. Electrical winding services are available to meet most industry needs.

Electrical winding services of AC/DC motors are most commonly utilized in variable speed and torque applications. A servomotor is used extensively in robotics and radio-controlled cars, airplanes, and boats. Electrical winding services offer a spectrum of electrical, mechanical, and systems integration services, including troubleshooting and diagnostics, simulation of existing or prospective machinery, and improved performance process.

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