Acoustical Design Services Information

Acoustical design services design rooms, buildings, and other structures to optimize sound quality. They consider factors such as room dimensions and shape, the position of speakers and listeners, the placement and types of doors, and the placement and types of windows or skylights. Acoustical design services pay special attention to the reflection of sound waves in their selection of suitable acoustic materials. Companies may also offer services such as acoustical field testing, sound dampening, mechanical noise control, noise and vibration measurement and monitoring, and environmental noise control and analysis. Acoustical design services may also manufacture and install custom acoustical products such as curtain systems, baffles, pipe wraps, metal enclosures, barrier walls, removable panels, backless panels, fabric-covered panels, and portable screens.


Acoustical design services identify ways to prevent acoustical noise from radiating from a noise source to the outside area. They also offer ways to prevent noise from penetrating to an interior space. Some acoustical structures are designed to reduce sound in the frequencies at which human hearing is most sensitive. Other acoustical structures are designed to attenuate noise at frequencies that might interfere with critical measurements or high-precision manufacturing processes.


Acoustical design services are located across the United States and around the world. They serve a variety of industries and are used in many different applications. Some typical areas of focus for acoustical design services include manufacturing equipment, power generation equipment; air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. Other applications for acoustical design services include compressors, blowers and fans; personnel shelters, observation rooms and control rooms. Noise control, sound reinforcement, sound booth design, and sound room design are additional applications for acoustical design services.