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Specialty communication services provide specialized or proprietary services related to voice and data communications. Companies in this market sector may include wireless communications services, cable television services, and call center services Specialized wireless communications services provide short message service (SMS), wireless application protocol (WAP), and general packet radio service (GPRS) for cellular phones and other portable electronic devices. Broadcast and cable television services transmit signals via satellite, cable network, or over the open airwaves. Companies in this sector include broadcasters, cable television services, Internet service providers (ISP), telecommunications companies, and telephone cooperatives. Call center service providers operate customer service call centers for small companies. They differ in terms of coverage, capabilities, and additional services. Specialty communication services that combine product offerings are also available.


Specialty communication services may include internet service providers (ISP) and telephone service providers. Internet service providers (ISP) enable businesses to connect to the Internet. Large-scale ISPs offer private line hookups such as ATM, T-1, T-3, and fractional T-1. Asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) is a high-speed, high-bandwidth, packet switching and transmission system which integrates voice, video, and data communications. T-1 lines have 24 voice or data channels and can reach transmission speeds of 1.54 Mbps. T-3 lines provide up to 28 channels and can achieve transmission rates of 44.74 Mbps. These leased line connections are relatively expensive to maintain and suitable for only the largest networks. Telephone service providers may offer a variety of specialty and other communications services. Specialty communication services may furnish telephone services to businesses and offer a variety of calling plans, packages, and features.


Terrestrial and satellite radio service providers are specialty communication services that transmit radio programming via the open airwaves, cable networks, and communications satellites. They differ in terms of cost, coverage and capabilities. Some companies offer nationwide or regional coverage. Others serve more limited geographic areas. Terrestrial radio service provides can use land-based antennas and antenna systems for two-way radios, cellular telephones, personal communication systems (PCS), and microwave applications. A typical infrastructure uses telecommunications hardware such as filters, amplifiers, duplexers, combiners, multi-couplers, power supplies, surge suppressors, and waveguides. Satellite radio service providers are specialty communication services that use one or more communications satellites and repeaters.

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