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Educational and Training Software Information

Educational and training software is used in applications such as distance learning, online, training, and more specific programs such as equipment training and support. Educational and training software may be Internet (Web-based) software, software that is downloaded and run on a local computer system, or software purchased and distributed over networked systems for educating large numbers of users.


Types of Educational and Training Software

Distance Learning Software

Distance learning software is a common form of Web-based software. This type of educational and training software is commonly used for educating adult working students, as well as by locally accredited schools, to provide information and practical skills to users. It often involves a learning pathway with linked assignments and tests graded by a computer to provide immediate feedback.


Online Software Training

Corporations can use online software training to advance employee skills. This type of software is sometimes referred to as computer based training (CBT). CBT simulation is often “task-based”. Examples might include teaching an employee how to add new users to a network, or flight emergency simulations for commercial airline pilots.


Network Training

Specific components of educational and training software can also involve training large user populations through a network. For example, high schools and universities commonly use educational software to teach entire modules of material. This allows students to access such educational and training software material quickly and at any time that is convenient, rather than confining study to specific hours. Universities find this particularly useful in material that contains a large amount of information, such as during engineering training. It is also useful when conducting computer software training, where users can actually utilize models of software applications and are able to make errors that will not damage or corrupt critical systems.


Other Considerations

Educational and training software is provided by different vendors specializing in such products. Some vendors focus on particular training areas or disciplines, while others specialize more in training-delivery technologies.

Prices and licensing depends largely upon the type of software being utilized, and whether it is controlled through the Internet by a particular vendor or purchased for download, installation, and use by groups of people.



ADA 1001 - Guidelines for the design of educational software



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