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Math calculation softwareMath calculation software is used to perform mathematical calculations. Math calculation software can provide general core calculations as well as graphical analysis that can be used in engineering, scientific, and technological disciplines.

Types of Math Calculation Software

There are many different types of math calculation software. Simple math software includes basic calculator applications that are included with operating systems. These calculators can

  • perform basic arithmetic functions
  • derive square roots
  • calculate percentages
  • compute powers (modulus)
  • convert decimal numbers to hexadecimal, binary, or octal

Some types of math calculation software are designed to work in tandem with math co-processors, logic devices that are designed to compute values using floating-point numbers—real numbers or numbers that contain only fractional values. Special hardware cards called floating point accelerators are used to support mathematical calculations with ranges of -1.7E308 (-1.7 × 10308) to +1.7E308 (1.7 × 10308) that occupy eight bytes to approximately 17 decimal digits of accuracy.


The dependencies and abilities of math calculation software can be quantified by the type of computing application. For example, spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel are popular programs capable of displaying mathematical calculations in cells based on algebraic, geometric, and trigonometric functions. These functions exist inside the application as pre-programmed libraries that are embedded into the cell and passed as arguments. For example, the square-root function =SQRT(16) returns a value of 4. Java applets are another popular type of math calculation software. Java applets are Java applications that are designed to run in a Web browser. Java applets are used to calculate interest rates, mortgage payments, and many other functions related to financial data. The most robust types of programs are scientific applications software, which are powerful, commercial applications designed to calculate complex formulas. Normally, scientific data is stored as data sets with a relational database management system (RDBMS). Types of scientific data can include:

  • mathematical
  • chemical
  • biological
  • physical
  • geographical 

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