Cylinder Repair Services Information

Cylinder repair services rebuild and refurbish used or damaged cylinders. They disassemble and clean cylinders, inspect them for cracks and other damage, and re-hone cylinder surfaces. In many cases, cylinder refurbishment is more cost-effective than cylinder replacement. Cylinder repair services also reassemble cylinders with new seals and other new or reconditioned parts prior to cylinder testing. Rod straightening, rod re-chroming, and cylinder blasting are also types of cylinder refurbishment operations. With cylinder blasting, a high-speed flow-through shot blaster is used to remove rust or enamel from cylinders of various sizes. Typically, aluminum cylinders are used in the medical industry.

Cylinder repair services may specialize in rebuilding and rebuilding one or more types of industrial cylinders. For example, pneumatic cylinder repair services specialize in the repair of air cylinders, pneumatic linear actuators that are driven by a pressure differential in the cylinder’s chambers. These devices may be single-acting (with a spring return) or double-acting. Hydraulic cylinder repair services are also available. These companies repair, rebuild, and refurbish hydraulic cylinders, actuation devices that use pressurized hydraulic fluid to produce linear motion and force. Typically, hydraulic cylinders are used in power transfer applications.

Electrohydraulic cylinders and rodless cylinders may also be rebuilt and refurbished by cylinder repair services. Electrohydraulic cylinder repair services specialize in the repair of electrohydraulic cylinders, actuation devices that are similar to hydraulic cylinders but that feature an integral hydraulic pump. Often, electrohydraulic cylinder repair services rebuild and refurbish custom cylinders that are used on machine tools and for precision motion control applications. Rodless cylinder repair services are also available. These companies may specialize in the repair of both guided rodless cylinders and unguided rodless cylinders, or just one of the two types.

Cylinder repair services can restore used or damaged cylinders to their original operating specifications. Although these parameters may vary by cylinder type, basic specifications include maximum stroke, rated load or force, operating pressure, bore size, shaft diameter, and operating temperature. Cylinder repair services may also be able to repair motor encoders, home or limit switches, and integral braking mechanisms. Cylinders with features such as integral flow control, integral sensors, and thermal overload protection may require specialized maintenance operations.

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