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Shaft Repair Services Information

Shaft repair services provide coating, resurfacing, and machining operations to restore shafts to the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications. Shaft repair services can restore components used in rotating equipment; spindles and propellers; power transmissions; and cam, drive, and pump shafts. Shafts come in a wide range of radii depending upon their application. Some may also have unique features, such as tapered ends. Shaft repair services offer an efficient solution to replacing shafts and can ensure the proper functioning of motors and other rotating equipment.


Shaft repair services can often repair components affected by a wide variety of damage, including shafts that are damaged by seized bearings or drive shafts that have worn universal joints. Shaft repair services can also treat shafts that are corroded or eroded by exposure to acids, salts, or other harsh chemicals.


Some of the typical methods that shaft repair services use include machining or grinding away the damaged surface and applying curable alloys or depositing metals to provide a new surface for the shaft. This type of repair involves removing the damaged threads or surface materials and applying a putty-like alloy substance, or using metal deposition techniques to add material to the newly machined surface. The built-up surface material is then machined or rethreaded to match the shaft’s original operating parameters. Shafts that have been immersed in sea water or exposed to acidic environments must be sandblasted prior to resurfacing to ensure the removal of any embedded salts. Shaft repair services on components that have been immersed in oil may require flame treating to remove contaminants.


Other shaft repair services use metal sleeves that are specially-coated with chrome or phosphates to repair damaged areas. Shaft repair sleeves are typically constructed of carbon steel or stainless steel and include both flanged and non-flanged designs. The sleeves are press-fit to the surface of the shaft. If the damage to the shaft is extensive, technicians may also use a metal filler along with a repair sleeve to ensure a reliable working surface. Shaft repair services may also include replacing bearing or seal packing sleeves, straightening the shaft, inspection, electric welding, plating, and application of special coatings such as corrosion protection. After the repair is completed, technicians carefully inspect and balance the reconditioned shaft to ensure quality.

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