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  • The Most Common Bearing Failures and How to Prevent Them
    Bearings are important for optimal functioning of mechanical systems. Bearings support the weight of rotating shafts and contribute to reduced friction. Poor bearing performance can lead to expensive repairs, and in some cases, catastrophic breakdowns. This article aims to understand and explain
  • Preventing Rust from Building on a Primary Pivot Ball Bearing
    servicing of any part within the assembly. Repair workers are forced to cut an expensive shaft in order to conduct any maintenance. The OEM needed a cost effective solution that is RoHS compliant.
  • Gear Loads in Horizontal Gearboxes
    At Miba, we routinely repair and manufacture sleeve and tilting pad journal bearings for gearboxes. Typically, these gearboxes are single or double helix parallel shaft design and are used as single stage speed increasers or reducers in critical service in a refinery or chemical plant. The two
  • PT 104: Cooling Towers and Process Cooler Fans
    Cooling towers are a critical component in many power generation and chemical plants, and other process facilities. Catastrophic equipment failure can result in safety hazards, lowered production, and expensive repairs. Vibration monitoring of cooling tower fans, gear boxes, shafts, and motors
  • PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT: Five factors to consider before making the switch to aftermarket oil
    in the oil, and. temperature. Compressor oil that is too thick may. cause compressor shaft seals to leak. Compressor oil. that is too thin cannot provide enough of an oil film to. support the loading of the bearings, reducing bearing. life. That's why it's beneficial to align oil viscosity to a. specific