Midwest Brake, located in Warren, MI, USA, is a leading manufacturer of oil shear clutch and brake systems, power transmissions and friction material for industrial applications.

Midwest Brake has a proven track record of developing innovative industrial braking solutions for a variety of industrial, heavy equipment applications. Industries include mineral processing, mining, coal, oilfield, marine, cement, bulk material handling, cranes and hoists, metal forming, stamping and forging.

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Oil shear motor brakes are spring set, fully electric, AC coil technology that offers increased service life over standard dry friction brake technology. Torque range of 2.3 Lb-ft - 1750 Lb-ft.

Pneumatic, oil shear clutch/brakes. Totally enclosed and impervious to outside dirt and contaminants, self adjusting and easily installed. Torque range 20 Lb-ft - 150,000 Lb-ft.

Hydraulic combination clutch/brakes and hydraulic separate clutches and brakes for industrial equipment. Torque range of 5000 Lb-ft - 300,000 Lb-ft.

The premier industrial brake bonding company in North America. State of the art thermal adhesive bonding technology. Manufacturer of high quality friction materials

Midwest Brake

Midwest Brake

Midwest Brake

Midwest Brake

Industrial Clutches & Brakes
Midwest Brake manufactures a variety industrial clutches and brakes including hydraulic caliper brakes, flywheel brakes, clutch/brake parts, Demag oil shear clutches, and diaphragms for pneumatic clutches and brakes.

Repair & Field Service
Expert repair of clutches and brakes. Highly skilled, experienced field service technicians for field service support.

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