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Solartron Metrology is a world leader in the innovation, design and manufacture of precision sensors for quality control, test and measurement and machine control. We provide customers with a wide selection of sensors fit for purpose, including precision digital and analogue dimensional LVDT gauging probes, displacement sensors, optical linear encoders, non-contact sensors and associated instrumentation.

Our culture of striving to satisfy customer needs along with keeping ahead of innovation within our field have enabled us to grow into many markets, such as aerospaceautomotive and electronics, with a global reach.

Providing measurement devices to the automotive, aerospace, electronics, materials, optics, semi-conductor and bearing industries, you can be sure that wherever you are, whatever your application, we have the technology, the commitment and the resources to help you make it better.

In addition to our array of products, such as flexurelever and mini probesblock gauges, displacements transducers and  non-contact, the inherent simplicity and flexibility of the company's Orbit® 3 Network allows our products to communicate and work alongside each other seamlessly.

In order to satisfy the ever changing demands of its key manufacturing partners, Solartron Metrology has introduced its new range of laser triangulation products. Laser Triangulation units are fast becoming recognized as one of the most effective tools for linear measurements, bringing many benefits to industry users including high accuracy, resolution and speed, good repeatability and linearity along with longer measurement ranges. Alongside the benefits of greater accuracy and repeatability, the capability to take measurements with absolutely no contact can speed up the manufacturing process, creating time- and cost-efficiencies, whilst providing the assurance of no damage to the target material.

Solartron Metrology provides end users with full linear measurement solutions, incorporating the ground-breaking technology of the Orbit® 3 Network to enable interaction between lasers and digital probes, and working alongside partners and customers.

Headquartered in the UK, Solartron Metrology distributes their products globally, with over 97% of production being exported.

OGS Pic  Orbit® Gauge Software
Orbit® 3 Gauging Probes
Orbit® Air Gauge Interface Module (AGM)
Non-Contact Orbit® LT
Orbit® ACS
Protocol Interface Module — PIM
Absolute Displacement Transducers LVDT

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Electric Car Battery Cell Gauging (Inspection Tools and Instruments) Solartron Metrology offers high precision Digital probes that can be used to quickly gauge battery cells. Probes are quick and easy to install, and can easily be networked and output via the Orbit... (View Full Article)
Aggregates and Asphalts Testing (Test Equipment Maintenance and Repair) The concrete or aggregate tests involve small displacement under force applications. The behaviour of the sample is then analysed accurately and characterised. Depending on the composite elements in... (View Full Article)