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Category: Ball Slides
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NB Corporation of AmericaLinear Bearings For Precise Motion Control

Since 1939, NB has emerged as the leading manufacturer of high quality linear motion products in Japan. Their growth can be attributed to unique product designs, attention to detail and fresh approaches to meeting linear motion needs.

NB Linear Systems are linear motion mechanisms using the recirculating movement of ball or roller elements to provide smooth and accurate linear travel. All products are designed to minimize size and weight while providing superior performance in high-precision equipment. NB’s product quality is unsurpassed. The products are characterized by low friction and low noise and are available as total systems or as individual components.

There are downloadable CAD drawings of all slide guides, ball splines, round shaft products such as Topball®, slide shafts, slide way products including tables, gonio ways, STUDROLLER™, slide tables, actuators, slide rotary bush products, as well as many flanged products, mounted units and mounting accessories.

Asian metric, Euro metric and inch dimensions.

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Technical Articles

Can a Bearing be Used for Both Linear and Rotational Motion? (Bearings and Bushings) Can a bearing be used for both Linear and Rotational motion? A bearing or bushing can be used for linear or rotational motion. While most bearings and bushings are designed for only one type of... (View Full Article)
Demystifying Ball Spline Specs (Linear and Rotary Motion Components) But, create grooves along the axial length of the shaft that correspond to the radius of the bushing’s ball elements and you’ve got frictionless linear movement coupled with two important... (View Full Article)