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Microscope Repair Services Information

Microscope Repair

Microscope repair services provide cost-effective solutions for refurbishment and repair for all types of microscopes and components. Proper maintenance and repair services on a microscope can maintain high accuracy and extend the life of the equipment. Service can extend to all components of the microscope, including the viewing head, objective turret, stage, condenser, field diaphragm, light source, main chassis, and electrical system. Preventive maintenance can prevent failures and save money.




Common services provided include:


Optical alignment includes inspection and alignment adjustment of objectives, optical components, stage or sample holders, and illumination sources. Optical system realignment is critical to providing proper illumination, accurate quantitative measurements, and optimal image quality.


Focus mechanism testing and adjustments ensure an accurate image representation.


Stages and sample holder maintenance includes cleaning, lubrication, and inspection of the stage mechanism to ensure the manual or motorized slide moves the stage or sample freely and maintains planarity or alignment. Testing of the stage heating or cooling devices verifies proper temperatures are produced in the sample zone.


Electrical system maintenance and safety testing includes inspection of the electrical power supply to the illumination source, stage motor, sample heaters or coolers, and power focusing mechanisms. Verification is made to ensure that the proper voltage and current levels are provided. Electrical safety testing checks for faulty insultation or shorts ensure that the electrical system is in good working order. Service providers may inspect or test high voltage power supply system and focusing coils on electron microscopes.


Preventive maintenance services are important to maintain a microscope in good operating condition and to prevent or correct issues before failure arises. Preventive maintenance may include inspection, testing, lubrication, alignment, and component replacement.


Inspection services provide a comprehensive review of all major components to check for defects, misalignment, or other issues that need to be addressed.


Troubleshooting and diagnosis services provide a systematic search for underlying problems in order to resolve them.


Calibration ensures that the magnification is set to the corrector magnification to guarantee that the microscope is providing accurate information. The calibration process compares the grid on the eyepiece reticle with a stage micrometer.


Cleaning removes dust, finger prints, oil, and other debris from the microscope and optical surfaces that may cause image degradation or proper operation of the microscope.


Lubrication is important for the many moving parts in a microscope. Improper lubrication can result in damage to microscope components. Selection of the proper lubrication is also important. Special high-quality lubricants must be used to minimize problems arising from lubricants that break down or undergo reactions over time.


Vacuum System inspection and testing is important for electron microscopes to verify proper high vacuum conditions are maintained during operation.


Device upgrading provides improvements to equipment components or adds additional functionality.


Onsite servicing is maintenance or repair of equipment at the customer's location.


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