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Tool support systems provide support for impact wrenches, electric or pneumatic screwdrivers, staplers and other tools. They reduce operator fatigue and increase employee productivity by providing ergonomic support. Torque tubes and torque arms are common tool support systems.

Build a Tool Support System diagram

Design a tool support system. Image credit: Aimco

Types of Tool Support Systems

There are two basic types of products: air cylinder torque arms and oil cylinder torque arms. Both types of tool support systems allow tools to be lifted, lowered, moved, and brought into position with a minimum amount of human effort. Torque tubes arms neutralize the effect of the torque reaction on the body and help prevent operator injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, thus lowering long-term injuries and health care costs.

Tool support systems are used with assembly tools, torque products, and bits and fastener tools.

  • Assembly tools include electric screwdrivers, pneumatic screwdrivers, cordless screwdrivers, pulse tools, and direct current (DC) tools.
  • Torque products include torque screwdrivers, torque wrenches, torque multipliers, torque analyzers, and various torque accessories.
  • Bits and fastener tools consist of power bits, insert bits, bit holders, nut setters and impact sockets.

Selection Criteria

Selecting tool support systems requires an analysis of product specifications and features. A tool support system such as a parallel torque arm is usually made of anodized aluminum and has a variable reach and turn pass. Some designs include a hinged forearm for greater mobility. Operators can set or adjust resistance as necessary.

Other important specifications to consider include:

  • Capacity (lbs.)
  • Maximum torque (lbs./in.)

Accessories for these tool support systems include bench clamps, wall clamps, and parallel wrist brackets.

Mounting of Tool Support Systems

Tool support systems such as torque tubes can be mounted on an overhead rail, bridge, table, floor, crane, or moving platform. Torque tubes and torque arms can also be mounted at a variety of heights, depending on the application.

Tool and Support System Applications

Applications include major appliance and equipment assembly, engine and chassis assembly lines, and computer assembly procedures.


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