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Stock feeders and strip feeders supply continuous or discrete lengths of bar, strip, wire or other stock to a machine tool. Stock and strip feeders are formed by different alloys which may be in the form of a rod, beam, plates or a foil. There are several types of feeders. Examples include pneumatic feeders and vibratory feeders. Pneumatic feeders are used to move and position parts with the help of pneumatic piston. Vibratory feeders feed the material depending on the degree of vibration. Other stock and strip feeders are commonly available.


Stock feeders and strip feeders use a feeder wire, which is manufactured depending on the requirements. Various types of feeder wire include aluminum wire, hard wire, pulsing, boom-mounting, and dual wire. Semi-automatic feeder wire is powered across an arc. Semi-automatic feeder wire does not need any cables for controlling. Semi-automatic feeder wire also has automatic overload and over voltage protection. Pneumatic feeders use pneumatic piston to move and position the parts. Pneumatic feeders are used for closures in capping machines and handles parts such as fitments, corks, and capsules. Pneumatic feeders help to make production faster and easier. Pneumatic feeders provide feed accuracy of ± 0,05. Vibratory feeders consist of a metal tray with a hopper on the top, and an unbalanced motor. The feed rate of the bulk material depends on the degree of vibration, slope of the tray, and gap between hopper and tray. Vibratory feeders are used in equipment such as electromagnetic vibratory feeders, vibrating conveyors, screens, and spiral elevators. Vibrator bowl feeders are the most common type of parts feeder. A vibrator bowl uses an electromagnet and wire sheet springs for moving the material through the bowl. A vibrator bowl has a helical track that climbs on the inside walls of the bowl into which parts are dumped, and they vibrate. A vibrator bowl is available in two configurations which are cascade bowl and outside track bowl. Wire feeding uses a gun that can handle aluminum and steel wires from .030 to 1/16 inch. Wire feeding consists of a flip-up drive roll cover and a wire release lever. The strip feeding speed of a machine can be adjusted depending on the requirement of the user. In stock and strip feeders the strip feeding production efficiency can be improved greatly. Stock and strip feeders are designed and manufactured to meet most industry specifications.


Stock feeders and strip feeders are widely used in applications such as ship building and pipe line industries. A stock and strip feeder can be used in spark plug production in the automotive industry, to packing pills in a pharmaceutical industry. Stock and strip feeders use wire feeder in the construction field.

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