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End trucks are material handling devices that are used to position and support lifts or manipulators over a work area. They are motorized or manual devices and run on girders. Selecting end trucks requires an analysis of performance specifications, product features, and end-use applications. There are many different types of end trucks. Examples include hand-operated end trucks, crane end trucks, overhead crane end trucks, and motor-driven end trucks. Replacement end trucks for overhead cranes are also available.

Hand-operated end trucks consist of a wheel assembly that is connected to the lower portion of a brace which extends down from the side rails. These types of end trucks also include a load support system that can be adjusted by the user to lift the load.

Crane end trucks are made of heavy steel and are suitable for demanding applications such as mining. An overhead crane end truck can be built from a bridge crane end truck, and is capable of handling large loads. A typical crane end truck includes a trolley and hoists. Specifications for a crane end trucks include capacity (lbs.), beam length (in.), and rotation with a full range of motion. An overhead crane end truck has a center-to-center bridge width and can be used with electric, manual, or air hoists. The capacity of such hoists may range from 500 lb. to 20,000 lbs.

Motor-driven end trucks can have single or dual motor drives and are available in different model types. A motor-driven end trucks can be top-running or under-hung; this specification should be based on the application. Motor-driven end trucks can handle 3, 5, 7.5, or 10 ton capacities.

Additional features for end trucks include an end truck hoist and enclosed gear units. An end truck hoist is a pulling or a lifting device that is used to lift or move a load. Enclosed gear units are provided on certain types of end trucks. These end trucks are designed to reduce noise levels and are most suitable for, but not limited to, for crane-based applications. Other types of end trucks are also available which may carry additional product specifications and provide other features.


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