Floor Locks Information

Floor locks are mechanical components with an adjustable-height pad. They prevent portable equipment from rolling. Floor locks can be mounted to the underside of carts, lift tables, and platform trucks. They are recommended for use on level surfaces. Often, floor locks are used to immobilize a vehicle so that it may be loaded or unloaded safely. Floor locks are often described as heavy-duty or industrial strength. Features include easy foot-pedal activation, non-slip or non-skid brake pads, high-compression springs, and an easy-access release bar.

Most floor locks are made from steel or cast-iron and coated with a zinc finish. They are described as adjustable, low-profile, side-mounted, or top-mounted. Leveling jacks, double-pedal designs, and lift-up locks are also available. Adjustable floor locks and low-profile locks are commonly available. Adjustable floor locks have a footpad that moves up and down to meet the height requirements of the application. These floor locks provide uniform locking and unlocking, allowing the device to function properly even when springs and pads begin to wear. Low-profile floor locks are foot-operated devices with an adjustable pad. Low-profile floor locks may provide excellent precision and strong wear resistance.

Side-mount floor locks and top-mount floor locks are available. Side-mount locks are spring loaded to work with uneven floor surfaces. They lock automatically when an operator pushes the pedal. Top-mount floor locks are also pedal-activated. The brake may be independent of the caster and installed to different locations on the truck.

Other types of floor locks include leveling jacks, double-pedal foot locks, and lift-up locks. Leveling jacks are floor locks that are designed for permanent installation. They are screwed-in to keep platforms and other equipment in place while stabilizing them at a certain height. Leveling jack floor locks have a handle that folds down when the jack is not in use. Unlike most floor jacks, leveling jacks are made out of steel and finished with chrome rather than zinc. Lift-up floor locks are used typically on trolleys and benches to stop movement by lifting one end of the equipment off the ground. They are locked and unlocked by stepping on a pedal.

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