Push-in Rivets Information


Push-in rivets are cylindrical, headed fasteners that are pushed or pressed into place to secure two or more items together.  Applications for push-in rivets include the automotive, electronics, furniture, appliance, and the construction industries.  Push-in rivets are also known as push-in fasteners, push rivets or Christmas tree fasteners.


The primary function of a push-in rivet is to secure two items together.  This is a light-duty fastener which provides a tight and secure fasten.  Many are reusable and removable, offering a way of fastening objects without permanently securing them.  Since these fasteners are versatile, they are designed for many different applications, including uniquely designed push-in rivets for the specific application.

Push-in rivets are commonly made of plastic; some are made of metal.  These fasteners are generally less than in a half inch or a few millimeters in diameter and are available in many different colors.


Rivet Types


There are many styles of push-in rivets that cover a variety of applications.  Below is a list of some of the popular types of push-in rivets. 


Beveled Head is a quick installation with a beveled head for a clean finish. 

Beveled Head Push-in Rivet

Button has a clean finished look in the shape of a button.

Button Push-in Rivet

Countersunk is an easily installed, flush-mounted, tamper-resistant rivet.

Countersunk Push-in Rivet

Expansion has a pin that breaks off leaving a finished appearance with a secure fasten.

Expansion Push-in Rivet

 Folding Leg is pushed into place and the legs of the pin get pushed out to lock into place.

Folding Leg Push-in Rivet

Fir Tree has ribs that deflect and then go back into place to lock in position.

Fir Tree Push-in Rivet

Heat Sink has a spring that is used to keep constant pressure on the heat sink and the processor for continuous thermal transfer.

Heat Sink Push-in Rivet

Key Hole has a key-shaped locking mechanism that creates a tight fit.

Keyhole Push-in Rivet

Knob-Head is easily placed and removed by a push-pull motion.

Knobhead Push-in Rivet

Push Release has a pin that is pushed into place to lock and then pushed again to release.

Push Release Push-in Rivet

Quarter Turn is pushed into place but is released with a quarter turn.

Quarter Turn Push-in Rivet

Screw Type One-Piece is pushed into place and to remove the pin it must be unscrewed.

Screw Type One-piece Push-in Rivet

Three and Four Prong, Non-Pre-Driven has tapered prongs with a round head and is non-removable. 

Three Prong Pre-driven Push-in Rivet

Two Prong Pre-Driven has a round head with two prongs and is non-removable.

 Two Prong Pre-Driven Pop-in Rivet


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