Conical and Telescopic Screw Covers Information

BUWW telescopic  way covers when properly maintained increase the run time of your machine, and are the best solution when hot oils, coolants, metal chips, and heavy material removal are present in the machining environment, in contrast to a fabric bellows. Conical screw covers and telescopic screw covers are used to protect ball, acme, and lead screws from contaminants. Ball, acme, and lead screws are commonly used in many kinds of:

  • manufacturing machinery and engines
  • moving assemblies
  • rotating equipment

Because these screws are used in machinery with moving parts, they are often exposed to dust and particulate matter from the machining process and must be protected from damage with flexible conical screw covers and telescopic screw covers.


Conical screw covers and telescopic screw covers are flexible tubes used to cover the length of a ball, lead, or acme screw. They are designed to move flexibly as the screw moves in the machinery and are manufactured from pliable materials such as neoprene coated nylon fabric. In this way, conical screw covers and telescopic screw covers protect screws from flying debris, dust, dirt, and are designed to withstand wide temperature ranges.


Conical screw covers and telescopic screw covers are used with ball screws, devices that convert rotary motion into linear motion. They use a line of ball bearings that move between the ball screw and nut in a circular track. This allows the ball screw to convert torque to thrust, such as in a jet engine. A ball screw cover may also be called a rod boot, and consists of a collar on either end with a flexible extensible flange that moves with the ball screw.


Conical screw covers and telescopic screw covers can be made of graduated metal sections that telescope to accommodate the motion of the screw. Each section of a conical screw cover and telescopic screw cover is used to protect the lead screw or acme screw. A lead screw has a precise thread that allows it to move components smoothly along the length of the screw. Lead screws are used in devices like inkjet printers to move the print heads across the paper. A lead screw cover may be constructed of a set of telescoping metal tubes to protect the screw from abrasives, flying chips, or coolants. Acme screws are a type of lead screw that converts torque into linear motion by using sliding friction. An acme screw cover may be either a horizontal or vertical telescoping tube.

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