Machine Way Wipers Information

Machine way wipers provide a seal between a machine slide or way and a stationary surface. Just as a car windshield wiper removes snow and rain for visibility, machine way wipers are designed to protect machines from dirt, debris, and excess oil that can impede a machine’s performance. Due to improved performance for cutting tools and increased feed and travel rates, slideways now undergo much higher forces and, after time, the parts that ride along the slideway begin to wear. Because the accuracy and lifetime of a machine depends on its ability to protect and clean the slideway, machine way wipers (also called machine guide way wipers) are used to ensure the smooth and efficient movement of the machine’s parts.

Machine way wipers or machine slide wipers are an economical method to preserve machine accuracy. To be effective, it is important that the machine way wipers be sealed against wear-causing agents and be able to withstand corrosive fluids and sprays. Polyurethane machine way wipers can withstand many hot applications (such as hot chips and oils) and the wear that comes with daily use. To maximize the longevity and avoid costly repairs to the machines, a machine way wiper must be replaced regularly.

Way covers are machine slide wipers and machine tool accessories that are used to protect the way of a machine from contamination and abrasive cuttings. A way cover comes in two common styles: bellows and telescoping. A bellows and way cover are used in machine locations that do not have heavy exposure, but still have sensitive machine components that require protection. Bellows apply little resistance to the machine’s movements and can be mounted horizontally, vertically, or in a cross-rail direction. Typical machine types that use bellows include: laser cutters, plasma cutters, water jets, measuring machines, lift tables, milling machines, and lathes. Telescoping way covers are designed to protect ways and screws from hot chips, dirt, oils, coolants, and from accidental damage caused by tools and work pieces. Telescoping way covers can be manufactured of special flat steel in virtually any gauge, in steel or stainless steel, and can be used in any application or environment.