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Selecting LED light stripsLED light strips provide illumination with a series of light emitting diodes (LEDs). LEDs are increasingly being implemented in lighting applications as they are more efficient than other lighting types, last exceptionally long, and are available in nearly any color. LED arrays can come in nearly any form factor with any number of lights, but perhaps the most common configuration positions several or more LEDs on a long thin circuit.

Simple LEDs appear white in color, but more complex models can have different color temperatures to emulate incandescent lights or sunlight, or may have primary colors LEDS so the user can customize the color of light. Some modern LED strips have individually-addressable bulbs. Users can toggle any combination of bulbs to achieve the desire effects.


Lighting strip configurations varies from ridged plastic modules to long, flexible, rope-like strips. Most flexible LED strips need additional support as the strips themselves are fragile. LED strips are often made by soldering bulbs to flexible PCB boards. They require DC power for the bulbs, often either 12v or 5v depending on the bulb configuration. Due to the voltage drop over the length of the strip most LED strips require power to be supplied at different intervals depending on the bulbs and wiring. Failure to supply enough current to the bulbs will result in some bulbs being dimmer. In the case of red-green-blue (RGB) bulbs, inadequate power can cause a shift in color over the length of the strip.

One advantage of most LED strips is they can be sized to length. This allows for a clean, easy installation. Mounting light strips may require hardware, adhesive, or magnets. Waterproof and other outdoor-rated light strips are also manufactured.


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