Devices that create light including lasers, lamps, and LEDs.
Additional Light Sources Categories

Electroluminescent Lighting (16 suppliers)

Electroluminescent lighting creates illumination via current through a phospor or semiconductor, or when a strong magentic field is applied.

Headlamps (55 suppliers)

Headlamps are light sources that attach to a person’s head or helmet with flexible straps. They are used in dark or low-light environments where personnel need the use of both hands to perform an operation or activity.

Laser Protective Eyewear (45 suppliers)

Laser protective eyewear includes glasses and goggles designed to filter out harmful radiation from lasers.

LED Light Strips (162 suppliers)

LED light strips position several light emitting diodes along a long, thin, sometimes flexible circuit for lighting applications.

Light Sticks (10 suppliers)

A light stick (glow stick) is a short-term, disposable light source that consists of chemicals that react to create chemiluminescence.

Marine Lanterns (24 suppliers)

Marine lanterns are fixed all weather lighting devices used to aid navigation on the water.

Navigation Lights (33 suppliers)

Navigation lights are colored illumination devices used on aircraft, watercraft, and spacecraft. They are used to alert other crafts or vessels of the signaling craft's position, status, and/or heading.

Optical Parametric Oscillators (11 suppliers)

Optical parametric oscillators (OPO) use parametric amplification in nonlinear crystals to produce optical gain. The output of an OPO can be varied over wide spectral ranges.

Projection Lamps (49 suppliers)

Projection lamps use a built-in reflector to concentrate light in a particular direction. They are used in applications such as slide projection, microfilm, overhead projection, movies, medical / scientific instruments, airport runways, and others.

Searchlights (14 suppliers)

Searchlights or spotlights are powerful light sources that use a parabolic reflector to project a beam of light in order to identify aircraft or draw attention to an area.

Solar Lighting (24 suppliers)

Solar lighting converts solar energy into electrical energy to produce light for off-grid fixtures.

Spectral Lamps (49 suppliers)

Spectral lamps radiate line spectra of various gases and metal vapors with high brightness and spectral purity.

Stage Lamps (52 suppliers)

Stage lamps are used for stage, studio, or television lighting. They are often made of quartz instead of glass to provide higher pressure ratings, higher melting temperatures, and more energy-efficient designs.


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Category: Electroluminescent Lighting
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