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Solids flow metersSolids flow meters measure and monitor the flow rate of bulk solids, powders, and grains. Solids flow meters are used extensively in:

  • chemical and plastics manufacturing
  • cement and aggregate processing
  • food and pharmaceutical processing


The solids flow meters measure and weigh solid materials as they flow through manufacturing machinery at various stages. There are several different measurement methods used in solids flow meters, including impact plate, measuring or deflection chute, and Coriolis technologies. Some solids flow meters also use microwaves to detect the motion of solids through pneumatic systems or gravity chutes and feeders. Solids flow meters or monitors determine if there is a blockage in the line or verify whether materials are moving at an expected processing rate.


Impact plate measurement is a solids flow meter technology used for free-flowing granular or powdered solids. The material strikes an impact plate mounted in the pipe at a particular angle and relays information about the flow rate and weight of the material. The deflection chute system uses a guide chute rather than an impact plate. The flow rate and weight of the material passing through the pipe is gaged by radial acceleration and chute deflection. A Coriolis flow meter uses the principle of the Coriolis effect to measure flow rate and total weight. The acceleration of the bulk material is measured as it moves through a rotating measuring device mounted in the pipe.


Other types of solids flow meters include mass flow meters and thermal mass flow meters. Typically, a mass flow meter is used with liquids and gases rather than granular materials. Mass flow meters are also used to manage and control the flow of materials in high-precision applications, such as semiconductor manufacturing. A thermal mass flow meter uses thermodynamic principles to measure the flow rates of materials by measuring the rate of heat absorbed by the liquid or gas stream. Thermal mass flow meters are available from a variety of manufacturers.

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