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Selecting gumbo removal equipmentGumbo is a sticky hydrated clay soil that is detrimental to drilling operations by clogging pipes and shale-shaker screens, as well as fouling drill holes. Gumbo removal equipment eliminates sticky gumbo soil before it can cause problems. Gumbo removal also helps keep the drilling fluid clean, which lessens maintenance costs and disposal challenges.

Gumbo is not present in every drilling operation, but gumbo removal equipment is a necessity to complete the drilling project without clogging or damage other parts of the solids control system when gumbo is present. Gumbo removal equipment cleans the drilling fluid by two methods. Gumbo removal equipment can contain bars that are placed several inches apart and at an angle. The gumbo fluid mix enters at the top of the device and the sticky gumbo is strained by the bars while the drilling fluid passes through.

A more common method of gumbo removal requires a conveyor with a belt composed of bars or screen mesh. The fluid gumbo mix is discharged onto the belt where the drilling fluid is filtered from the gumbo and passes through, while the gumbo is disposed at the end of the conveyor.


  • Flow rate: Flow rate is how much fluid gumbo mix can be processed within a given period.
  • Number of chains: Some gumbo removal equipment can have more than one conveyor chain in parallel.
  • Length: Length of the gumbo conveyor


  • Stainless steel: Gumbo sticks least to stainless steel, making it ideal for gumbo removal equipment.
  • Integral flow divider: A flow divider at the discharge to feed multiple shale shakers.


National OilWell Varco -- Gumbo removal equipment

Drilling Fluids Processing Handbook

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