Fuel Cell Technology: Reaching Towards Commercialization

Fuel Cell Technology Reaching Towards Commercialization

Nigel Sammes

With 139 Figures


Professor Nigel Sammes, BSc, PhD, MBA
UTC Chair Professor of Fuel Cell Technology Department of Mechanical Engineering, and Connecticut Global Fuel Cell Center
University of Connecticut
44 Weaver Road
Unit 5233
Storrs, CT-06269-5233

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Fuel cell technology: reaching towards commercialization.

(Engineering materials and processes)
1. Fuel cells
I. Sammes, Nigel M.
621.3 ?12429

ISBN-10: 1852339748

Library of Congress Control Number: 2005936800

Engineering Materials and Processes ISSN 1619-0181
ISBN-10: 1-85233-974-8 e-ISBN 1-84628-207-1
ISBN-13: 978-1-85233-974-6


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